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On page SEO tutorial for beginners 2017. Only For People That Want More Traffic. This ecommerce site sells high end homeware items online and ranks competitive category terms along with individual product pages.

The strategy was deployed in March 2015 which saw traffic quickly grow from 12,000 per month to 18,000 per month by the end of 2015.

Flash forward to today though and the site now pulls nearly 60,000 visitors per month from Google. Which has increased revenue from 0,000 per month to .2 million per month.

That makes for nearly million in total revenue

What makes this site interesting is it’s competing directly against huge ecommerce stores and blowing them out of the water. Which you can see clearly in Google Search Console. Traffic and sales will continue to grow as we move into the golden quarter of sales just before Christmas!

Across 4 videos you are going to learn

The ranking strategy behind the most competitive niches in SEO
How to take advantage of the most powerful backlink on the planet
How to apply it all to your site
At the end of the video series you will have the knowledge to increase traffic for any website in any niche.
This is the strategy that is behind the most competitive niches in the world.

Matthew also shares the results of 5 sites in 5 very different niches including 1 in the health niche that gets over 2.3 million visits from Google per month.

None of that boring ranking graph stuff either, he’ll be logging into Google Analytics together live to show you behind the scenes.

His training has won a bunch of awards over the past few years and this is by far – the best content I have ever seen him produce-

Don’t miss out!

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