Pagination And SEO

Pagination And SEO
Google’s Maile Ohye examines the issues webmasters face with paginated content: paginated articles, product category listings, etc. She then explains the options available to those webmasters concerned about SEO, including rel=”next” and rel=”prev” HTML markup.
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”njn8uXTWiGg” title=”Pagination And SEO” upload_time=”2012-03-12T18:09:32.000Z” description=”Google’s Maile Ohye examines the issues webmasters face with paginated content: paginated articles, product category listings, etc. She then explains the options” duration=”PT16M36S”]

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  9. Because a “view all” page of 150,000 results is obviously beyond “intense” from a page load standpoint and not practical. rel=canonical should not apply to listings beyond 5-10 pages, and is mostly applicable to limited content like e-commerce pagination. And the Google Search does not have rel=prev and rel=next links of it’s own either, probably due to the pagination consisting of dynamic links. The scope of this question mostly apply to static links and limited pagination.

  10. I think you’re confusing Google with Microsoft. Windows is made by Microsoft. …but even employees from Microsoft use Mac’s.

  11. Will this matter today with all the changes that Google has made, or is this still relavant today

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  13. What if I have only partially duplicated content?
    My website has pagination where products are changing when you click next page but header (title and desc) of the category stays the same for every page. Google also sees this as duplicate content even though it is only partially duplicated.

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