Part 10 – Final Mix And Mastering

Part 10 – Final Mix And Mastering
Part 10 of a full tutorial series on how T2D created the title track off his forthcoming record entitled “Oh Brother”.
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”2iswvBtUu3A” title=”Part 10 – Final Mix And Mastering” upload_time=”2010-06-01T13:21:39.000Z” description=”Part 10 of a full tutorial series on how T2D created the title track off his forthcoming record entitled ‘Oh Brother’.” duration=”PT10M1S”]

13 thoughts on “Part 10 – Final Mix And Mastering”

  1. This was truly inspiring and enlightening. I would even pay to see more in
    720p and with better audio quality. Great work! Your generosity is highly

  2. Really good video, some great tips but why didnt you use the Waves Paz
    analyzer as this shows freqs much clearer than Abletons own, also when you
    mix the kick you have it redlining, surely you dont want that as it isnt
    giving you much headroom for the other sounds, i was always told to make
    sure that nothing is clipping above zero as especially for mastering you
    arent leaving much headroom for a mastering engineer

  3. @Segmentrecords – you are indeed correct. I used the Spectrum analyser in
    this video to show it off to those who don’t have Waves plugins and you are
    right about the redline – in my defense this was not the finished record
    when i made the videos so some of it was wriong.

  4. Can U Make A Tutorial on ” How to mix rap- hip hop vocal with this
    programm? Please i wanna improve my quality. Thank you!

  5. Great videos mate! You remind me of the guys from sonic academy with your
    accent. You did a great job on your video series. Can’t wait to see more
    from you. Also, you could use a MB compressor(waves linmb etc) to help
    squash that mid peak without having to notch it out with an eq.

  6. @onemind777 I know man, i did this ages ago although I still use the Logic
    limiter before sending to master!

  7. might seem a stupid question but; do you need to master dubstep songs? with
    a lot of synth etc just like you would a normal song with guitars bass and

  8. @bassistjamesd no its a total different way…..its all about the energy of
    the song as the primarily focus….how hard it needs to be compressed…..a
    track with only vocal and and a guitar is not compressed as heavily as a
    dirtyelectro track..a dirtyelectro needs to pump …hehe well thats a
    little underestimated…a dirtyelectro track needs to be dominated hard
    down and stay there with a limiter behind…a vocal and a guitar needs to
    be free…with almost no compression…more likely limiter

  9. why do you use a limiter before mastering? A pre master should have no
    overall compression. And a limiter is a brick wall compressor.

  10. Hello guys I’m lungstar from south africa can anyone please help me ,I
    please need to know how to master a wave song in wavelab or cubase5 after
    mixing and expotation.please help me friends.I’ll realy appreciate your s my email adress me guys.God
    bless u.

  11. you can have some stereo bus compression on a mix. but I agree, a limiter
    on the mix before sending to master is ridiculous.

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