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For many years, it was generally thought that SEO was reserved for the largest businesses and those with the heaviest budgets. Today, we now know that this isn’t the case. Even as a small hair salon or cafe, you can benefit from local SEO in Phoenix. Why? Because of the sheer number of people using the internet to find local businesses.

If you need help with local SEO, don’t be afraid to contact SDARR Studios, especially if you’re based in Phoenix. Speak to our friendly team and we’ll create a strategy tailored to your business – with a personalized approach and affordable local SEO, you will soon notice a difference in the amount of traffic you generate (as well as the growth to your overall online presence!).

Whether you’re a beginner to local SEO or just want to learn more, you’re in the right place because we have everything you need to know in this guide. By the end, you should understand the importance of a local SEO agency in Phoenix and how you can improve your search rankings this year.

Phoenix Local SEO Agency
Local SEO in Phoenix

What is Local SEO?

Starting with the basics, local SEO is all about optimizing a website for those who are searching locally. As a local restaurant or cycling shop, there’s little use in making your website available to the world. After all, nobody will travel from the UK just to buy some new bike tires (if they did, you must have an amazing reputation!). Instead, you’ll want to appeal to people within Phoenix.

With this in mind, it’s all about location-related searches. If somebody nearby searches for a local barber or furniture company, you want them to discover your business. With Phoenix local SEO, this is exactly what happens.

Why is Local SEO Important to Your Business?

As a business, we appreciate that your attention is pulled in many different directions. It seems like every month online articles are telling you to invest in different areas. With this in mind, allow us to explain why local SEO is so powerful.

Firstly, let’s imagine a world where you don’t have a local presence. If you haven’t paid attention to local SEO before, this is potentially your position right now. When somebody nearby searches for a business of your type, they aren’t going to find your brand because you haven’t yet invested in local SEO. Sure, you might have a small presence online, but you’re making it difficult for people to stumble across your brand.

At this moment, all people who search for local businesses of your type are finding your competitors and choosing to visit their buildings rather than your own. With local SEO, it won’t be long before these same people are seeing your business on their phones and computers instead. While this doesn’t magically mean that every consumer will choose your service, it does give your business a chance in this competitive world.

For those who like statistics, it’s thought that around nine in every ten people who use their mobile device to search for a local business either visit the business or call them within 24 hours. If your name isn’t found online, you’re missing out on a huge growth opportunity. As mobile searches become more common, this is only going to harm your business more and more.

Phoenix Local SEO
Local SEO Citation

What is a Local SEO Citation?

When it comes to the world of Phoenix local SEO, a citation is essentially a mention of your business and its details. For example, this is commonly shortened to NAP (name, address, and phone number). When these details are mentioned on websites that aren’t your own, they add value and authority to your business. The more citations you have, the more Google looks at your business and sees it as a legitimate option for consumers.

As time goes on, authority and relevance are key because you want Google to return your name when people search for businesses of your type. By working with a local SEO company in Phoenix, you can generate lots of citations and get your business to appear in the relevant results this year. Don’t worry, this is something we can explain in more detail once you’ve dialed our number at SDARR Studios.

How Does Local SEO Boost Rankings?

In truth, there are a few ways to generate positive results with local SEO, and we explore them all.

Citation Building – As we’ve just mentioned, we will try to generate as many references to your business details as possible. These days, the details are enough for the Google algorithm, so it’s not always necessary to generate links with the details.

Local Search Markup – According to one estimate, pages that have schema code appear four places higher than those that don’t in Google SERPs (search engine results pages). Essentially, this is a way to tell search engines about your business so that they can place it correctly on results pages. As an HTML markup, you help Google make the right decisions and you should notice a difference in performance.

Link Building – When you work with local SEO services in Phoenix AZ, you will also benefit from link building. As the name suggests, this means getting links to your website from third-party websites. Once again, this tells Google that you are an authority in the industry and that consumers will want to see your business. By driving relevant traffic to your business, you will take more calls from high-quality leads.

GMB Optimization – As you probably know, Google My Business is an amazing free resource for local SEO. However, this doesn’t mean that you can just create a profile and then forget about it. Instead, we’ll help you to boost visibility by maintaining pages, updating descriptions, uploading images, and more.

Even after this, we explore other techniques to get your business noticed in local searches rather than getting drowned out by the competition.

local seo company phoenix
local seo services phoenix

Contact SDARR Studios Today

What are you waiting for? Why not reach out to our amazing local SEO services in Phoenix today? If you have any questions or concerns, pick up the phone and we’ll do our best to help. We can create a tailored local SEO strategy for you and generate high-quality traffic to help you overcome the challenge of competitors this year. Why not call us today?

Local SEO FAQs

We appreciate that the local SEO industry isn’t always the easiest to understand. As mentioned, you’re welcome to pick up the phone or email SDARR Studios if you have any questions. Otherwise, let’s see if we can answer some of the most common questions in this section.


Frequently Asked Questions

In truth, there are so many variables that it would be foolish to try and break them all down here. Instead, contact SDARR Studios and talk to the brilliant team about exactly what you want. While some people already have a local presence and need light maintenance, others need a complete overhaul of their strategy or need to start from scratch.

After speaking to us, we’ll create a strategy based on your position, competitors, and goals. With a personalized strategy, we can grow your local SEO profile and generate traffic.

As we’ve seen, local SEO is a combination of several factors, and these work together to boost your presence and the results. As well as citation building, local SEO includes GMB optimization, guest blogging, link building, local search markup, and continual maintenance. In truth, this last point is one of the most important. Often, people think that local SEO is just a one-time thing. In reality, your competitors are always evolving and trying to overhaul your efforts, so you need to do the same. The second you stop still, your results will start to drop.

With this in mind, local SEO services in Phoenix are constantly working hard to ensure that your business is the one that people see when they search locally.

While many people have done their best to avoid local SEO in Phoenix for so long, we’re now at the point where your business will suffer without it. Every year, more people use their mobile devices either from home or while on the go to search for local businesses. Whether it’s a local cafe, shoe repair service, sports coach, gym, or another local business, most people in the community are searching online for reliable services. Without local SEO, every single person searching nearby will find your competitors rather than your own business. Can you afford to ignore these prospective customers?

At SDARR Studios, one of the biggest concerns we see from businesses is that local SEO is ‘another expense’. In a world where money is tight and survival is the order of the day, you might think the same. However, you must see local SEO as an investment with a positive ROI rather than just an expense. Yes, you will need to spend for local SEO in Phoenix. Yet, you will get this money back (and then some!) by competing with others in the search results pages. More people will see your name, call your number, and choose your business rather than others. The bottom line is that your profits are likely to increase indirectly because of the benefits brought by local SEO.

As we’ve seen, local SEO rankings are determined by a few different factors. This includes:

  • GMB (Google My Business)
  • NAP (name, address, and phone number)
  • Domain authority and quality
  • Keywords
  • Click-through rate
  • Reviews and testimonials
  • User experience
  • Link signals


With this in mind, you can’t expect local SEO to transform your marketing strategy overnight. Ultimately, the amount of time it takes to see results depends on your starting point and how aggressively you attack the process. For example, those who already have a strong online presence can expect faster results compared to a business that has never paid attention to Phoenix local SEO.

The good news is that, when you choose a local SEO expert like SDARR Studios, you will get regular reports that detail your progress. With regular audits and reports, you can stay up to date with what we’re doing. Sometimes, companies feel as though they lose control of their business when they outsource. When working with us, you’ll play an important role in seeing the work we do. Of course, you’re also welcome to leave everything to us too. Either way, you’ll still get reports to view your progress.

Gilbert Fuentes
Gilbert Fuentes
I am thrilled with the results from Sdarr Studios! Jordan and his team were incredibly helpful, transparent, and made the entire digital marketing process easy to understand. In just 90 days, they helped rank my business, and the results have been phenomenal. The level of support and clarity they provide at each step is unmatched. If you're looking for a digital marketing agency that delivers on its promises and guides you seamlessly through the process, Sdarr Studios is the way to go! Highly recommend!
Graham Ashe
Graham Ashe
Our business needed more visibility in the Scottsdale market, and after dealing with a few underperforming SEO agencies, I came across SDARR Studios. Jordan and his team got us more traffic in the first six months than we had in the previous 18 months. Highly recommended!!
Jaime Weatherby
Jaime Weatherby
SDARR Studios are amazing when it comes to SEO, we working with them for all of our client needs. They generate great results but are also patient and great partners when it comes to explaining what's happening with our client's SEO so everyone feels comfortable and supported.
Mark Veleski
Mark Veleski
Working with SDARR Studios, we found they excelled in delivering outstanding results with professionalism and creativity at its core. Cheers guys!
Joshua Fletcher
Joshua Fletcher
I’ve been looking all over for a company and preferably actually a person who can articulate search engine strategy and what they can do for my business here in Phoenix. Totally worth the short drive over from central Phoenix. Jordan really knows his stuff (he is who I met with). He had a look at the website and asked the questions I haven’t gotten elsewhere. Feels like I have a good grasp of what he does and how he approaches these projects. It’s totally worth the time I spent with him getting a better idea of what to do with my digital marketing and online strategy and how all the different stuff fits together.
Burton Johnson
Burton Johnson
This team is awesome! Have delivered on multiple projects over the years.
Matt Cernik
Matt Cernik
I've worked on several projects with SDARR Studios over the last 8 years and have had nothing but excellent results. Their attention to detail is fantastic, their customer service and communication is unmatched, and most importantly they have always delivered what they said they can deliver: long-term business growth. If you're on the fence about working with Jordan and the rest of team at SDARR Studios, stop wasting your time and just do it!
Patrick Hotchkiss
Patrick Hotchkiss
SDARR helped my SEO efforts for my Scottsdale based company. Thanks guys!
Rachel DuPaul
Rachel DuPaul
Jordan and his team are incredibly timely, communicative, and helpful in their goal of increasing your business' online visibility. I have greatly enjoyed working with them for the past year!
Debra Ferguson
Debra Ferguson
I worked with at least half a dozen SEO companies in Scottsdale before I was introduced to Jordan about 5 years ago. Anyone in the industry knows there are lots of shady characters on the SEO side of marketing. I was SO RELIEVED when I began working with SDARR. They earned my trust, loyalty, and referrals immediately. The quality of service they provide is unparalleled. The company is comprised of people that are not only great to work with but passionate about what they do. Jordan has always gone above and beyond for me and I'm grateful 🙏🏻. Highly recommend!


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