Popeye SNEAK PEEK 1 (2016) – Animated Movie HD

Popeye SNEAK PEEK 1 (2016) – Animated Movie HD
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Popeye SNEAK PEEK 1 (2016) – Animated Movie HD

Get a look at Sony Pictures Animation’s all-new POPEYE CG feature with a special animation test and introduction from Director Genndy Tartakovsky!

31 thoughts on “Popeye SNEAK PEEK 1 (2016) – Animated Movie HD”

  1. As much as I love Popeye the Sailor, I think we were saved from it coming out. The way he’s portrayed for 2016 children’s audience just isn’t him. He should be able to take out, who I think is Bluto’s, henchmen with one punch! …and no one can do the voice of the ORIGINAL Popeye. So as Sterz Univerz sez, “REST IN SPINACH, POPEYE MOVIE!”

  2. ¿cuanto tiempo llevas esperando la pelicula?


  3. Remember folks, Popeye and Medusa project got to the trash can, so we could get the Emoji movie.

  4. Popeye is my childhood and why does Sony has to cancel it for a god damn emoji movie

  5. Oh, so this is the Terrorists plan to ruin America: Replacing this masterpiece that everybody loves for a movie with literal talking shit in it……………………devious bastards :/!

  6. Can someone please tell me how they knew this movie was cancelled for a movie about goddamn talking yellow things?

  7. it’s really sad to know that they canceled.this for a movie based off of electronic pictures used to display emotions over digital contact

  8. I’m only getting the emoji movie to set fire to and dance around it on camera

  9. good night sweet prince i will awaken u again #savethepopeyemovie #killtheemojimovie

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