Recording And Mixing An Acoustic Guitar

Recording And Mixing An Acoustic Guitar
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25 thoughts on “Recording And Mixing An Acoustic Guitar”

  1. I really like your video. Thanks for that. Can I ask you a question? I am
    using a microphone and guitar preamp? I don’t know why sometime I hear the
    electric sound like sssssshhhhhh. Although it is small, it is kind of
    annoying when recording. Can u show me the tip how to cut this sound,
    please. Thank you so much

  2. I’m pretty sure that nobody truly can hear that subtle of compression. It’s
    more of a habitual practice. Good video though

  3. Thanks for the instruction – love the idea of putting the head phones on
    and moving around in real space to heard the mic effect. Just curious what
    kind of mic you were using

  4. Hi, i’m recording with an MXL 990 USB (no shockmount) using garageband.
    My most common problem is i’m picking up a lot of ROOM NOISE whenever i try
    to record my acoustic guitar. I hear lots of hisses even though my room is
    completely quiet. The airconditioning/fan is off. you can barely hear
    anything, but my mic still picks up hisses. I can’t seem to find a solution
    to this problem. Can you help me?

  5. Nice video. When I EQ I like to boost a narrow q region and drag it left to
    right until I find something woofing out, I then leave it at that frequency
    and then drop the gain level using the knob button until I have attacked
    that problem area in the least possible way. Then a do bass hpf and shift
    the general mid treble response with a very wide q.

  6. This is absolutely beautiful. Buying that Shure SM-81 Mic tomorrow. Every
    vid I’ve seen with it on acoustic guitar sounds perfect.

  7. Great stuff!! Thanks heaps! Quick question – What’s the difference between
    INSERTS and SENDS? I have noticed EQ and Compression usually being inserted
    while ambiance and reverb added on SEND?

    Also, what’s an Auxiliary channel and a BUS? Are they the same?

    Much appreciated. Thanks.

  8. This was the most useful tutorial I’ve seen so far. I’ve been struggling
    with gain on my preamp resulting in quiet recordings. The first minute of
    this video solved my problem. Watched till the end and subscribed :D

  9. Compressor after an EQ boost? I was wondering if that’s a good idea?the
    compressor will react to the boosted frequencies and so the whole purpose
    is kinda lost

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