Search Engine Optimization – Tips For Beginners

Search Engine Optimization – Tips For Beginners
Web site expert and author Brendon Sinclair gives some solid tips for search engine optimization for beginners.
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”65PQpHcAonw” title=”Search Engine Optimization – Tips For Beginners” upload_time=”2006-11-28T15:32:00.000Z” description=”Web site expert and author Brendon Sinclair gives some solid tips for search engine optimization for beginners.” duration=”PT9M18S”]

13 thoughts on “Search Engine Optimization – Tips For Beginners”

  1. PLUSSES — Nothing notable.
    MINUSES — Audio and video aren’t in sync. Echo with sound. Strange choice of color background and scenery. Having a single plant item can be rather distracting from speaker. Simply a talking head with no other visuals or examples. Poor quality intro and outro graphics. Outro graphic with contact info speeds up too fast.

  2. Can you make another video where you are not smashed because you mentioned Anchor text which is the key but no eloboration

  3. This is a pretty old video now and Google still ranks mostly on how I’ve discussed. But there’s now another million things to consider.

    And again, no, I wasn’t drunk when we shot this. I just looked pissed most of the time!

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  6. Even though this video is a little old, there are still some good tips. The point about relevancy in the backlinks continues to hold true.

  7. all the information is so great! I use a seo tool, squirrly seo, for helping me to understand them better. thanks for making this video 🙂

  8. This video only proves that there are still some old methods that are still very effective today. This is because these methods are of high value. We do have many new methods today but as we have noticed, many of them are of low-value that is why a lot of websites have been greatly affected with Google’s updates.

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