SEO GREECE: Ranking A Greek Site HIGH Joanna Vaiou

SEO GREECE: Ranking A Greek Site HIGH Joanna Vaiou
Best SEO Expert in Greece SEO Seminars in Athens Greece: This is a short case study where I share the steps I took in order to rank on top 5 organic (SEO / Search Engine Optimization) results on top page of Greek Google search engine for a highly competitive 2-words seo target keyword in Greece for a client, with average 300 monthly search volume and average 1.50 euro Cost per Click.

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National Greek SEO Case Study Project – Video Transcript:

– In September 2015, I created a new Resource page on an established client site in order to rank on Greek Google.

– I started designing and applying SEO and Social Growth Hacking strategies in September 2015.

– In November the new page started getting picked up by Google, started showing up for multiple relevant target search terms, long tail and LSI keywords.

– From November 2015 through the end of January 2016 (3 full months), the page counted 16.139 impressions and 166 clicks.

– Check the graph of the Search Engine Rankings course of the main target keyword on Google for the new page I created on the established site in order to rank on Greek Google.

– It took 2 months for the Main target keyword to rank in top 20 and 5 months to rank in top 5 SEO results. The main keyword has around 300 monthly searches (GR) with an average Cost per Click of 1.50 Euro. The service provider’s price per Closed contract deal starts from 400 Euro per month and builds up according to the client needs and niche demands/add-ons.

– How I Ranked in top 5 SERPs in 5 months:

Created a 3000 words resource page that clearly educated interested people in the specific niche about how the service/products works.

– I made sure the resourceful content was (SEO’ed) optimized but not over-optimized. My focus was in educating the visitor more than my target keywords density (which was very low – not even 1%).

I created an (Onsite) internal linking structure (“SILO”) on the site itself in which the most important pages linked to each other strategically and all of them linked back to the new resource page.

– I created 4 relevant blog posts on the site from I also linked to the new target page I wanted to rank with very LONG TAIL anchor texts or “Link titles”. I gave different anchor text every single time.

– I created a Branded Social Media and WEB. 2.0 Network of sites.

– I optimized them for the target niche and the target page.

– I set these up to populate and syndicate relevant news and niche specific valuable resources.

– To do the aforementioned, I used a combination of Social media tools and plugins to set up and maintain these campaigns:

1) HootSuite Social Media Management Tool

2) IFTTT Social and Web 2.0 Syndication application

3) Two extra Premium plugins for WordPress to empower the site’s Twitter account through these powerful social syndication backlinks.

– I turned the new page’s content from the website into a “How To” PPT, a PDF and a Video content file.

– I optimized these content files for the target and long tails keywords and Linked out to the website’s target page.

– I uploaded these content files to the according high domain authority PDF, PPT and Video sites and linked out to the new page I created to rank.

– I added these files to my regular social marketing and syndication list of resources for this project in order to empower them with social power and signals and strengthen the SEO juice I would pass to the target page I created to rank.

– I bought a Premium Press Release service.

– I bought a premium syndication software that posted the press release (with the branded/naked URL links back to my target seo page) to over 100 global high authority news sites.

– I analyzed the top competitors complete link profiles with the use of AHREFS and Majestic premium SEO Analysis Tools.

Full Case: –

– Consultant SEO Paris
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