SEO In 2013 – What To Do (and AVOID Like The Plague!)

SEO In 2013 – What To Do (and AVOID Like The Plague!)
– In this video I interview Alex Becker from who shares his strategies for ranking websites in today’s SEO environment.

Note: This video was created to show you one way someone is making it work in SEO today. There are several other methods for SEO that I will be exploring with other experts in the near future. I do not necessarily agree with Alex and his exact strategies, and although I did say I would put them to the test in this video, after some re-thinking I’ll be looking at less manipulative / cheaper ways to build backlinks.

For the PDF files that Alex mentioned in the video, and also my take on this particular strategy, please visit the url here:

Please watch my new VLOG: “On Stage at DNX Global – My Final Day in Lisbon”

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”F9xCuXFuYfg” title=”SEO In 2013 – What To Do (and AVOID Like The Plague!)” upload_time=”2013-04-29T13:06:18.000Z” description=” – In this video I interview Alex Becker from who shares his strategies for ranking websites in today’s SEO environment. Note: This video was created to show” duration=”PT26M50S”]

39 thoughts on “SEO In 2013 – What To Do (and AVOID Like The Plague!)”

  1. I love how Alex dances around all of the real utilities and strategies. I mean he divulged a lot with out completely giving away the farm.

  2. Plus all of what he is saying is very black hat, in line with faking page rank by using meta redirects.

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  4. Knowing how Google works is already half the work. This search engine has been so strong that you have to follow its rules to get your SEO business going. There is nothing wrong with relying on it as long as you post quality and unique content. That is the sure thing that you can do.

  5. Very informative information I  learned a lot from you guy’s keep up the great work. Hope more is coming soon.

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  7. Like you said at one point in the presentation, yes, my mind is blown. Primarily because much of this is ‘greek’ to me. What can or would you suggest I look into to increase my standing/positioning on searches to promote my business locally? I am not looking to attract a worldwide audience.

  8. Want 5+ PR 7 backlinks? Then go here:

  9. Thanks for the tips! I think this kind of technique is an effective one. Implementing this procedure can help your website rank up in just a matter of time. Thanks! 

  10. Is writing guest blog posts for “back-links” an effective strategy for better rankings?  If yes, should you blog within your own industry only or should you branch out?

  11. Buy domains and link them to your site? Really? This isn’t 2006. Earn your backlinks…the only way to rank for the long term.

  12. The link building strategy suggested by Alex is a good strategy. To result well in Google, we can adapt this strategy.

  13. Why do so many so-called “experts” give really bad advice? I have sites ranking #1 on all 3 major search engines without the need to do any of this “backlinking” and buying links. All this bad advice will just leave your domain completely blacklisted by the search engines.

    Sites are getting bumped down and off of Google for poor quality content with overusage of keywords, known as keyword stuffing and not allowing keywords to be used naturally within the content and be relevant. Quality content trumps all this magical SEO advice.

  14. When building our own little SEO network of sites, most of us would use a single hosting provider, which means all of our sites would originate from the same IP address. Would Google or other major search engines recognize this as “manipulating their system” and possible penalize the whole network of sites?

  15. So, it seems to me that the idea here is to trick Google. Outside of that I don;t really understand much of this, I need to find a way to generate some incone, though. The company I worked for is closing down. I worked there for 35 years.

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