SEO Search Engine Optimization Is Stupid Easy With The Right Tools

Search Engine Optimimizaiton, also known as SEO can be very confusing and very challenging.

If you watch my channel you know this is something I admittedly struggle with. My SEO skills with eBay, Amazon, and Youtube are awesome. On the other hand Google SEO and ranking websites is something I’ve always struggled with.

I recently found a tool called SmartSERP. They offer a FREE 14 day trial. I decided to signup over the weekend and I’m over the top in love with the program. I’m still in my trial period but I’m fairly certain I’ll buy the basic program for a month and continue using it.

I’ve signed up for SEO tools in the past but have either found them unimpressive, or too confusing to use. Most all of them basically require you to know the keywords your trying to rank for and then allow you to see how well your ranking.

What I really love about SmartSERP is that all you have to do is plugin your website, and they will tell you all the keywords your ranking for, the monthly searches, and show you the link to your post.

You can find terms you didn’t even know you were ranking for and with those areas which your already competitive you can even try to up your rankings further. I was surprised to find I’m ranking number 2 overall in Google for several search terms I would have never even thought to search.

In this video I show you the backend of my SmartSERP account and show you for my RulesForRebels Blog some of the top terms I’m ranking for and how I plan on improving their ranking.

Contact our SEO Agency and we’ll do what we can to help you out in these times of need.

6 thoughts on “SEO Search Engine Optimization Is Stupid Easy With The Right Tools”

  1. Great info. Only minor issue with backlinking is google can tell when you are linking from your own blog properties. Basically links you control, and they might not carry enough weight to help you rank. Simple blog commenting backlinks might work fine. Don’t overlook the metadescription either. Although it’s not a ranking factor you can win the click if it’s attractive to searchers. So being in the 3rd or 4th position can still generate a good portion of the traffic that keyword generates each month.

  2. Google provides this info for free in the “Google Search Console” part of google analytics. Not only does it give you all the keywords that your website ranks for, it also gives you the CTR and Impressions.

  3. SEMRush does that for years and lately even Ahrefs does show the same information.
    Just add your domain and you see the same data. But to be fair – this tool seems pretty inexpensive so it might be useful for beginners or people with a small budget.

  4. Totally agree that people under estimate the power of YouTube as a powerful search engine and how important it is to use SEO on all your YouTube videos.

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