SEO – Why Your Site Doesn’t Rank & How Google Works

SEO – Why Your Site Doesn’t Rank & How Google Works
My take on search engine optimization in 2014 and 2015. Want to learn how to make passive income online like me? Take my course

What Google (Matt Cutts) Won’t Say – 2:14
Google Hummingbird – 6:08
Google Knowledge Graph – 8:29
Backlinks – 9:55
Authority – 12:52
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”iW40VNGvp1U” title=”SEO – Why Your Site Doesn’t Rank & How Google Works” upload_time=”2014-04-24T19:53:36.000Z” description=”My take on search engine optimization in 2014 and 2015. Want to learn how to make passive income online like me? Take my course What Google (Matt Cutts) Won’t” duration=”PT18M36S”]

26 thoughts on “SEO – Why Your Site Doesn’t Rank & How Google Works”

  1. so with it being harder now what and how can you get the most traffic to your blog to rank up so that you have get paid. I wanted to start a blog but im doing all my research before starting so i will have some type of preparation for start up, Thank you for all you information

  2. This is so true Lisa. I started a channel recently and before starting it. This is what I notice and its confirmed here 🙂

  3. After you`ve built your website, the next step would be to get visitors to it. This video is good enough to enable you to learning the way to make your zero rank site to function as the first rank on search engine. For more information watch on youtube .

  4. Lisa deserves all the benefits that she has earned from her many years of diligent work in building her websites.  Many come here in hope of finding “quick fixes” and “quick solutions”.  Real life just don’t work like that. I have a caregiving blog site that I started in 2015..  I certainly have gained helpful knowledge from her videos.  Others should graciously receive what she has to give from the vantage point of all her experience and then try to build their own internet empire from it (many do already).  

    I noticed the “thumbs down” selected.  How much more honesty and truth does anyone desire?  Right or wrong, I guess you can’t satisfy all of the people all of the time. Stay the course Lisa!   Your hard work will continue to pay off for you.  Thanks!

  5. Love the ideas and the information stated here in this video. If you would love to have a full time virtual assistant, check out lexorsoft! they have a reliable one for you.

  6. That was GREAT tip Lisa, would stick around for more info from you videos

  7. Hey Lisa, I just started my Youtube channel 3days ago. When you started how many views did you receive? How many subscribers did you have? Also I used all great keywords, but I still can’t fine my videos when I search for them? I still don’t really get the backlinks thing. Do you create backlinks to your own website, for instanc wordpress

  8. I being trying to rank my blog for a minute, I am doing this as a part time have not invest my full time potential but I had learned a lot through out the whole process. It push me every time I am writing to develop great content to my blog. Making my blog more relevant

  9. I love your cute little stick figures! They look about just as fabulous as mine do! Bravo!!! 😀 Perhaps you should have used Photoshop’s tools for shapes and made a sticky note on that chalkboard! I’d have done that!!! 😀 Just know I was laughing with you on those… and we’ll have to hook up sometime for a scrabble game. <3 Thank you so much for all your information, I'm following you around like a lost puppy dog. Wonderful information. I skimmed through a few other sites before landing on your site and I wanted nothing to do with those. How cliche!

  10. A couple of questions:

    – To what extent does this still hold up in 2017? E.g., is link networking still relevant? And has linkbuilding by article submission gotten less impact?

    – What exactly is meant by ‘strategy’? And would I necessarily need to have a full, 100% bulletproof strategy laid out before even purchasing my domain, or could I revise my strategy as I went along?

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