Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor In Action

Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor In Action
On this video we spring this “cult” piece of gear into action: demonstrating the incredible Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor on drums, bass, guitar, loops and master bus.

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0:24 – Control overview
0:54 – Demonstration on Drums
4:00 – Before & After
4:16 – Demonstration on Bass
6:06 – Before & After
6:35 – Demonstration on Guitar
8:16 – Before & After
8:32 – Demonstration on Drum Loop
10:20 – Before & After
11:16 – Demonstration on Master Bus
12:13 – Before & After
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”zCC18Nzy2Lg” title=”Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor In Action” upload_time=”2014-07-07T17:28:22.000Z” description=”On this video we spring this ‘cult’ piece of gear into action: demonstrating the incredible Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor on drums, bass, guitar, loops” duration=”PT12M56S”]

18 thoughts on “Shadow Hills Mastering Compressor In Action”

  1. your drums sounds great without this gear, with gear it sounds

  2. This is a great YouTube channel, but (and this isn’t a criticism) the
    source sounds for all these demos are already INCREDIBLE. The vocals on the
    LA2A demo sound better RAW, than most things most home recorders can
    achieve after sticking 20 plugins on a track and tweaking for 3 months.
    Same with these drums. They sound phenomenal RAW, so much so that after
    processing, they don’t sound better or worse to me, just different.

    Good to remember that the drums for ‘Thriller’ were not compressed. Raw
    sound, because it sounded good and they got the raw source sound so tidy
    and fat and clean. Just a thought.

    Love these videos though! Good to remember garbage in = garbage out, no
    matter the compressor, and conversely, amazing source = amazing output!

  3. Can anyone genuinely hear the difference between the iron and steel output
    transformers, even on your studio monitors? Do you think the difference
    will be apparent once the final mix has been converted to mp3 and played
    back on iPod headphones ?

  4. I got to play around with one of these not too long ago and was extremely
    impressed. Might have to add one to the rack soon.

  5. Very musical and subtle when it is not engaged too much. When you jacked it
    all up to 20 to 1 and all the gain, it was pretty shitty. When would that
    much compression ever be needed? I am sure it has some function or they
    would not have spent the time and money to include it, but I need someone
    to tell me what the purpose would be. But down around the 4 to 1 and lower
    it was stellar.

  6. Nobody cares – they’re too busy trying to listen to the music – what a load
    of horse dump………….

  7. I briefly demoed one of these units, and to tell the truth I didn’t really
    think much of it. But I like what’s going on in this demo. I didn’t realize
    how extreme the unit can get. It seems pretty nice after all.

  8. I was truly amazing at how fast you can make the attack on this compressor.
    Truly an amazing beast! I can imagine all sorts of things being pushed
    through this compressor for some really wild and amazing results!

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