Small Business Chiropractors Flee Arizona

Small Business Chiropractors Flee Arizona
Arizona Department of Insurance looks the other way while insurance
companies sort change
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”F8ncJVj_-Qo” title=”Small Business Chiropractors Flee Arizona” upload_time=”2011-12-21T20:57:46.000Z” description=”Arizona Department of Insurance looks the other way while insurance companies sort change” duration=”PT2M24S”]

4 thoughts on “Small Business Chiropractors Flee Arizona”

  1. Insurance is becoming more of a racket than an honest business. As insured customers, we must demand better products and services so that many can choose for themselves what type and where they receive quality care.

  2. It’s sad that they tell you that you HAVE coverage, but when you try and use it…you pretty much have little to nothing in coverage. AZ Dept of Insurance is looking the other way. We had BCBS at the beginning of the year and switched to Cigna. They followed suit on the “lack” of coverage.

  3. This is what they (law makers) want. Chiropractic care does not require monthly medicines and medicines to fix the medicines, etc. Who is lobbying and bribing, coercing … is it Chiropractors (each one a small business), or is it billion dollar industries? Who benefits from stopping Chiropractic care? (Hint: Pharmaceutical companies) Fight for chiropractic, it changes lives and helps millions of people to live without medicine toxins forced on them by “health care”!

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