[Teaching] Mixing & Mastering By ‘J.Y.Park’

[Teaching] Mixing & Mastering By ‘J.Y.Park’
Mixing & Mastering by “J.Y.Park” wtih
Manny Marroquin & Dave Kutch
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”yL9f_ileI-U” title=”[Teaching] Mixing & Mastering By ‘J.Y.Park'” upload_time=”2011-06-19T11:16:46.000Z” description=” Mixing & Mastering by ‘J.Y.Park’ wtih Manny Marroquin & Dave Kutch” duration=”PT4M58S”]

30 thoughts on “[Teaching] Mixing & Mastering By ‘J.Y.Park’”

  1. He´s amazing! Allmost al productions in Korean music labels (all generes,
    not just kpop) proove to be worked with this kind of quality.

  2. You level it out afterwards right? Might take hours turning all the notches
    down again. :/ So cool though! What program do you use? Pro tools perhaps?
    Your midi console seems pretty cool…I’m guessing it provides a bit of the
    vintage style you like? :)

  3. I hate having to use the EQ since it usually ends up amplifying some effect
    in the song and makes everything sound odd, thanks for the hard work

  4. @jaymmira I doubt they do eq mixing only… you should try using
    multi-channel limiters which Im sure they use but dont want to teach since
    it’s pretty in depth and complicated but gives you a very clear sound 

  5. A lot of earphones and headphones nowadays don’t have a flat frequency
    response(beats by dre anyone?), so messing with the EQ is actually needed

  6. i just realized the existence of this video @@ didnt knew they uploaded
    this onto youtube with english subs as well..haha. n yeah.. nvr change the
    EQ for JYP’s songs..XD

  7. its soo nice of him explaining mixing and mastering! i kind of understand
    mixing but i do not get what is mastering, but now i do 😀 

  8. Think of mastering as like a balancing ground for different uh… “mediums”
    of music, so to speak. Basically, the producer wants to adjust for a good
    enough quality that satisfies listening to music not just from earbuds of a
    portable player, but also smaller home theater speakers and huge, concert

  9. 음악적뿐만아니라 인격적으로도 내가 유일하게 존경하는 연예인..

  10. do not touch EQ ??at the mixing part, he didnt mention about EQ, so this
    means you can EQ on the mixing step, but not the mastering step?

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