This (Simple) White Hat SEO Strategy=59% More Traffic

This (Simple) White Hat SEO Strategy=59% More Traffic
Want to see white hat SEO in action?

Then check out this step-by-step case study.

In this video you’ll see EXACTLY how Emil used white hat SEO to quickly boost his site’s traffic by 59%.


Despite what you may have heard, there’s A LOT more to SEO than “publishing lots of great content”. In fact, content is just the tip of the iceberg.

To succeed (and get first page rankings) today, it’s critical that you promote your site and content. And when I say “promote”, I’m specifically talking about link building.

And this video will walk you through a simple, 3-step process you can use to get higher rankings and more traffic.

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”263xIymvLl4″ title=”This (Simple) White Hat SEO Strategy=59% More Traffic” upload_time=”2016-06-16T07:33:07.000Z” description=”Want to see white hat SEO in action? Then check out this step-by-step case study. In this video you’ll see EXACTLY how Emil used white hat SEO to quickly boost” duration=”PT8M3S”]

16 thoughts on “This (Simple) White Hat SEO Strategy=59% More Traffic”

  1. I’ve been doing two of these three steps – now I see I’ve got more work ahead. Thanks for the lesson. I took good notes. 🙂

  2. Another great video Brian. Note: Skyscraper technique (find content that already works for your target keyword, create something better, promote it). Important to add images to content, make sure content is fun and interesting. Deserve top spot (content, images, videos, infographics, request authority comments/tips). Pre-outreach – contact influencers. Content roadshow – email authors of high quality posts. Inform experts you have used their content and they may well share.

  3. Hi Brian. Thanks for all this awesome information! I’m just starting out in this adventure and I’m working on implementing your ideas. I’m just a bit curious. I hear a lot about taking site traffic from 3k-100K per month, but what about businesses starting at essentially zero? Do you have any resources relevant to people with no traffic and limited (but rapidly growing) content?

  4. The people who badmouth Brian’s Skyscraper Technique are forgetting that link building is not a zero-sum game. If Marketer A creates a great post that earns tons of links, Marketer B would be stupid not to employ the ST if he or she thinks they can create a better version of it. Then when Marketer B makes outreach attempts to Marketer A’s links, who says the webmaster has to replace A’s link with B’s? No, one, except the people who misunderstand the technique.

  5. I liked this content a lot, as well as your dynamic presentation! It is exciting.

  6. Hey Brian,
    I’m fairly new to this business. Just wanted to thank you for sharing so many useful tips and strategies.

    To improve CTR/Ranking, My game plan is to make a few changes in my site’s title tag and include power words, Then focus even more on adding quality content.
    I am now definately a subscriber..Keep up the awesome work!

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