Tomy Declerque – Mastering

Tomy Declerque – Mastering
As part of the phenomenal force of Techno rising from Eastern Europe, DeClerque has become one of the go-to mix engineers, remixers and producers. In this video he takes you through his approach to mastering a techno track.
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”yR4na-z6cw8″ title=”Tomy Declerque – Mastering” upload_time=”2012-12-07T14:38:28.000Z” description=”As part of the phenomenal force of Techno rising from Eastern Europe, DeClerque has become one of the go-to mix engineers, remixers and producers. In this video” duration=”PT8M23S”]

28 thoughts on “Tomy Declerque – Mastering”

  1. WHAT??!!? I’ve never heard so many silliness at the same time… that guy
    has NO clue of what mixing and mastering sessions really are… please go
    back to school before doing these videoshits! I can’t really picture what
    Bruce Swedien rather than Chris Lord-Alge would think about you while
    watching this! 

  2. You are so wrong, I do the same stuff when I’m producing , and yet I never
    had a negative complaint 😀 always positive 🙂 Sound is always OK 😀 

  3. 1:02 “Do da mastering!” Sounds like some kind of really boring dance…

  4. I’ve done the same thing! of course with care with the compression and
    eq-ing in the master chain before I do the final master (after bouncing all
    tracks out, so I can free my computer a lot of memories from the
    softsynths…etc.) But if you heard many top producers advice… There
    isn’t only one way to do the mastering… And my question is: Why are
    people are complaining about this way to do the master? It’s logical. Be
    calm, your music’s gonna tell if are doing the “right way” or not…

  5. Yes, we must make it loud! Unlike the Genesis albums from the Gabriel era.
    We have to flatten all the frequencies out! Can’t have any characteristic
    frequency protrusion like Michael Jackson, or drastic frequency prominence
    like Portishead’s Dummy album! Also, it has to be dead centre balance!
    Don’t know what The Beatles were thinking in many of their songs! Puh! But
    Metallica? Oh there’s a good example! In fact, they were used as an example
    in the Loudness War video by Grant Leung. 

  6. I guess he doesn’t really need to speak a proper english when he knows so
    much about production ;)

  7. Mastering is for engineers not for composers… Even DJ KHALED , Dr Dre has
    his engineer of Mastering & Mixing , you can watch that on youtube , you
    can do a good mastering but not like an engineer , because it’s science ,
    just play music like your ear is hearing it …don’t care about theorical
    music , because when i give u a melody , you can find a rythm and i can
    find another too , music isn’t an exact theorical science 

  8. hmm.. ill know that all .. ill know that shit .. hmm just now like 15
    years.. but still nice video.. 

  9. his english is already good, you dont HAVE TO speak with american accent to
    make people understand you. 

  10. The 200 hz dip trick is not always at 200. Please take your own advice
    tommy and listen. I find that trick can work anywhere from 180ish to 400ish
    depending on the track. Cool vid though man.

  11. Rich artists also have their own cooks, drivers, personal trainers, etc.
    These youtube videos are tips for people who are obviously
    amateur/beginners in music production. Or even people who are not so
    amateurish but want to learn some tricks by other people’s experiences. But
    what makes professional mastering better is many times just the equipment
    (of course considering the person doing the mastering is not an idiot)

  12. Is it true that you should leave like -4db to -5db room in the master
    channel when the track finished so then you have space for mastering? 

  13. This is horrible advice. How can you know if you are doing anything
    positive on the master if your input level isn’t hitting 0db?! Obviously he
    knows what each knob is doing cuz he’s an engineer but I don’t recommend
    any beginners use this technique. Mix first, then master later. You may not
    need anything besides a small limiter.

  14. Can anyone clarify what he was talking about at 2:10 ? 200Hz thing. It was
    hard to understand.

  15. Love this part:

    “if you make a bad mix or bad song mastering won’t do anything and if you
    have a bad song with very good mix and very good mastering you will have a
    bad song that sounds good.” HAHA

  16. not a bad approach, but some stages where he explains stuff “technically”
    are very incorrect and badly explained…

  17. so in the master, it looks like hes not compressing the bass frequecnies at
    all..i’ve heard that you should compress the bass frequencies a bit..any
    thoughts? or does it just depend on the song

  18. dudes dead on.with that 200 hertz thing. I use the pultec eq from.nomad
    factory. very strong and dipping at 200 makes.the tracks smooth. never
    thought this would be noted like this but take the advice

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