Weebly SEO Tutorial 2016 – SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

Weebly SEO Tutorial 2016 – SEO (Search Engine Optimization)
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I’ve been without internet for a few days, my router broke, so I wanted to come back with a bang. Today we’re taking our first steps into optimizing our Weebly websites for search engines, like Google, Bing, and Yahoo! This process is called Search Engine Optimization, or SEO for short, and basically helps things like Google understand what your site is about.

The main goal of a search engine is to find the answer to whatever the user is asking. That question can come in a lot of different shapes and sizes, like “Who’s the best SEO in Utah?” – I think the answer there is obvious… it’s the folks at SEO Werkz, since they’re number one (but I’m number one for YouTube!). Google reads your website, looks at your tags/keywords, your content, your pictures, and even other sites that have linked back to yours in order to determine what questions your site answers. The better you do at answer that question, and to show that to your search engine, the higher you will rank. Usually.

That’s what we cover in this first Weebly SEO Tutorial 2016 video, how to find keywords and add them to your Weebly website.

One thing that I do want to point out, though, is that Weebly has tagged newer sites so that Google won’t crawl them unless you upgrade your account with them. That doesn’t mean that your site is useless, only that it’s harder to actually get into Google or Bing without buying a plan. Honestly though, I would suggest buying a plan anyways, they’re cheap and provide a lot of neat features. You can get even more by hosting your site off of Weebly, though.

This whole part of the process will probably take another two or three videos. This is a very important part of your project and we want to make sure that it’s done right.


The test site:

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15 thoughts on “Weebly SEO Tutorial 2016 – SEO (Search Engine Optimization)”

  1. I just checked with Weebly,: the tagged newer sites that Google won’t crawl are only the free ones. All the best from Italy.

  2. +Triston “SEO” Goodwin May I ask how much money did you spend in 1 site alone before you start making some money from it?

  3. Hi Tristan. How long before the website can expect to see the SEO changes have some impact? And also what are the best words or descriptions to put behind images? Cheers, David.

  4. This video is INCREDIBLY helpful! Thank you for posting. I have a question about the value of using the Sitebooster plugin for $59 a year. Is it worth purchasing or unnecessary as long as we follow the advice in this video?

  5. Hi Triston,
    Do you think the keyword meta actually works? I thought it stopped being used by google years ago…
    Also re sitebooster – can you pay for one month then stop and in the first month they will create your profiles on those sites or if you stop paying your listings disappear?

  6. Hey nice channel!

    We’re just launching our business and like what you’re doing. We could no doubt learn a lot from you. Keep up the admirable work and we’ll be keeping an eye out for some more of your vids 🙂

    Deepak and the team at Purr Traffic

  7. Triston, dude, great info.

    However, the thing that brought me here, I can’t find. HOW in the world do I do permalinks?!?!?!
    I know what they are, I know where to find them in Weebly. I can find loads of blah, blah, blah info about what they do but NEVER, EVER a practical example of how…to…put…one together. Or, if I do, is something related to WordPress.
    Could you please show us how or direct me to that magical place where there’s examples of how to create one?
    Do I put any, whatever keyword I want into the link? Is that going to affect the real URL of that particular page, blog post, etc.?

    From one Utahn to another, thanks in advance man.

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