What Is Brand Monitoring For Businesses

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Understanding Brand Monitoring

With the introduction of the internet and technology, people are talking about brands right across the web. With this in mind, what’s referred to as brand monitoring has grown in importance in recent years. In this short guide, we’re going to dig deeper into the analytics process while also assessing techniques and benefits too!

What’s Brand Monitoring?

Just as the name suggests, brand monitoring is all about keeping an active eye on various media channels to assess how the brand is being received. By monitoring what the target demographic is saying about the brand, we can learn more about products, competitors, and various other areas of the business. If the general public is saying good or bad things about the brand, it’s important we know.

How Do I Monitor?

For us, there are three key areas to monitor; 

  • IndustryOn social media or around the web, you can monitor the goings-on in your industry. By using phrases that your audience use, you can stay on top of the latest trends. The more you learn, the more ammunition you have for marketing and content campaigns. As we’ve noted previously, information really is the key to marketing. As you start to learn more about what the customer needs, you can use this information to create marketing campaigns that will resonate with the customer base.
  • Influencers – Secondly, we also recommend checking the views of influencers on social media. Let’s not forget, even the micro-influencers have up to 10,000 followers. If one of these influencers talks negatively about your product, it’s time for some damage limitation action. If they praise a product, you need to be quick in taking advantage of the attention. 
  • Brand – Of course, the final area to monitor is the brand itself. What are people saying about your brand? As well as searching for mentions of your brand, check acronyms, common phrases, and even misspellings. Again, the insights you get can be invaluable. You can also source this work to various agencies that offer social listening platforms for monitoring brand mentions and such. 

Benefits of Brand Monitoring

Finally, why should you consider brand monitoring? There are a number of benefits, and we’ve listed a handful below. 

  1. Marketing – Firstly, we’ve mentioned it before, but we cannot understate the importance of brand monitoring when it comes to marketing. Considering marketing is so important these days with the sheer amount of competition in every market, you need all the information you can get about your audience. As you start to get incredible insights, you have an opportunity to launch SEO campaigns, build links, and push social agendas that resonate with the audience and put you ahead of the competition. 
  2. Customer Support – Next, keeping customers happy is another key to success. As we all know, keeping loyal customers is cheaper than bringing in new customers. If you’re listening and reacting to what’s being said, you can build a loyal customer base. As well as positively dealing with bad reviews, you can thank customers for good reviews and generally interact with customers more than ever.


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