Why Everything You Know About SEO Is Wrong!

Why Everything You Know About SEO Is Wrong!
Why Everything You Know About SEO is Wrong!
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Most of what you think you know about SEO is likely wrong, like trying to use SEO Backlinks or leverage multiple IP Blocks and all that other nonsense you read or a website or some tech guru sold you on.

SEO is pretty straight forward if you stop worrying about your Google Rankings and start worrying about how people find you.

You’d think that is the same thing, but it is not. You’re trying to rank for a keyword. Today SEO is about predicting what someone is going to search for, not trying to own a keyword. Solve their problem.

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”qmsiTsatBBA” title=”Why Everything You Know About SEO Is Wrong!” upload_time=”2015-08-01T11:00:04.000Z” description=”Why Everything You Know About SEO is Wrong! More Small Biz and Marketing Videos: Most of what you think you know about SEO is likely wrong, like trying to” duration=”PT6M9S”]

35 thoughts on “Why Everything You Know About SEO Is Wrong!”

  1. Awesome video like always!

    By the way, sorry I was being a bit salty the other day.
    I now understand I was just being stubborn.

  2. Great video. I have no clue when it comes to SEO. I am totally lost and don’t know what are some good practices for myself as a designer. I have used Google Analytics before and couldn’t figure out half the stuff in the charts and graphs. If anyone has any suggestions for those getting started please let me know.

  3. Perhaps you can share with us on your top 10 keywords in your website, and how you derive these keywords from? How is your actual traffic of one of your keyword as oppose to the estimated traffic? Is it accurate?

  4. I know this is off topic, but just curious, were you at Anime Expo 2015 as a photographer?

  5. That actually makes a lot of sense, many sites, including sites that specialize in setting up artshops really stress the importance of SEO.

  6. Outstanding video.
    It was very helpful. Came to you through +Jarhead6
    New Sub. Thanks for sharing.

  7. Oh yeah! GREAT video! People just don’t understand this stuff and it’s so important and very subtle, not to mention being a moving target as the interweb evolves. Like my mama always says, “Cheryl, the key to success is to find a need and fill it.” This is how the people who have needs find you. xxoo

  8. Just be careful doing it on youtube. my channel got shut down because i didnt know about the tag stuff. i read the rules and there was grey area in even long descriptions or having links not related to the video so sure they’ll be shutting down channels like that next. :).

  9. Own it Robert! Own a problem/solution than owning a keyword. Thanks for sharing your knowledge on this.

  10. Good chat. The days of keyword-focus are definitely over, but that’s not necessarily a good thing. As shown with YouTube specifically, the new system – while being inherently better as a concept – keeps the most well-known/”top” people on top and makes it very difficult for newcomers to grow.

  11. I’m not quite sure what you mean by _’Owning a Keyword’_ yet I have two sites that for which I focus on specific keywords, I’m ranked very well and it would be hard for people to miss my sites. And I’m dealing with a very wide product I’m dealing with, I’m talking iPod or Laptops level of keyword, not something niche like ‘Ballet Shoes for Elephants’ …. and my site is still often enough comes up at the top spot above ebay and amazon, *and I cringe at advice like this!* . 

    I have a friend, who when I last spoke to him charged £2,700 a day for SEO advice, and when I alluded to some of the methods I use, he didn’t really get what I was doing and was surprised at how I ranked so high.

  12. This helps a ton I’ve been trying to get my client to understand that throwing money at a keyword is not a real fix for her problem. This with your example shows a real scenario that we can review and hopefully get her to understand.

  13. Interesting video +Roberto Blake very high level view of the problem though… would be refreshing to see more in-depth case study approaches or more context. I think the argument some make for the death of SEO is misplaced as it’s focus has seen a shift to importance of UX & CRO with respect to user behavior over digital reach. That’s not to say it isn’t as important but with users acclimating over the years to sites/apps this is a focal point right now imo. Take it how you will hopefully some positive input for you not taking away anything from your content here, really great work I’ll definitely be returning for more of your videos.

  14. Good video, thank you. So I shouldnt do kw research and make pages around those words? Or that I just shouldnt buy them?

  15. Thanks for the great value +Roberto Blake ‘own a problem, not a keyword’  was a light bulb moment. I will be watching a lot more of your videos. Cheers…

  16. the ‘”solution for a problem ” is called long tail keyword. Its a lot easier to rank on “best computer for graphic design” then to rank for just the word “computer”. The competition for just 1 keyword is huge. Add some local keyword and everything becomes a lot more “easier” “best computer for graphic design in NYC”

  17. I had the same difficulty because i started in the late 90’s, so that is how i learned SEO. By the time 2011 rolled around, i had to figure out how to make it easy for people to find me. My son actually said this very thing. I am also a fan of GaryVee – i have read his books, warch his vids, have used his suggestions and seen improvement. I used to give everything i did project names, but once imsimplified everything under my name, it really improved my outreach. Great entry!

  18. i been watchin ur videos for past 2 hours bc you have solutions i not been able to find elsewhere so far so it seems ur right

  19. Just discovered this video Roberto – thank you! I’ve learned more from you in 6 minutes than I have in hours watching other videos.

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