Winters SEO On Demand Is Shutting Down

Winters SEO On Demand Is Shutting Down

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20 thoughts on “Winters SEO On Demand Is Shutting Down”

  1. Sorry to hear about this Winters, I could not afford to pay for the on demand service myself but feel bad for you as you were doing it partly to bring in some revenue so you could get extra models and get them painted as you did not have the time . Yet another case of big corporations not caring about the little people.

  2. YouTube as a viable platform is finished… With what happened to Fritz, now this, the community will surely start to find alternative means

  3. I’m not someone to ever comment on youtube but I have to say; I am so sorry to hear this, I really enjoy your videos and I wish you all the best with your future endeavours.

  4. Why would youtube do that? Seems lke a good way to kill off a whole lot of their own viewers. Anyways, get a paetron instead Mr Winters 🙂

  5. Hi Winters, I also think Patreon would be a good idea. As would maybe hooking up with Lawrence and maybe WarGames for some hosting?

    It’s still a bummer like. I was literally going to subscribe to it tonight so I could watch the imperial knight battle reports :/

  6. fuck google. Set up a site like miniwargaming in collaboration with TTT and SS. Good luck, thanks for all the great videos.

  7. Youtube doesn’t like the PR liability of people having wrong opinions so they’re shutting down most of the ways those people could use the platform to make money. It really sucks but hopefully a competitor more friendly to creators will capitalize on the gap in the market.

  8. I think Google/YouTube have done the right thing here. I know it’s going to hurt some people in the short term but do we really want YouTube to become like an online version of satellite/cable television with the good stuff hived off exclusively for those with the wherewithal to pay for it? In my opinion if subscription channels became a viable business model, and there is no reason why they wouldn’t have, then it would have become like any other mainstream media platform with there being the illusion of choice whilst most of the channels would actually be controlled by two or three large companies. I know there are issues with Patreon but, as other people have posted, it looks like a useful option. I don’t see why Twitch, which is owned by Virgin, would offer anything long-term that YouTube doesn’t, especially as Virgin appear to want to tie Twitch in to their subscription ‘Prime’ service. Maybe the collaborative website would be a good idea although that would require someone to dedicate a fair amount of time and effort – sorting out the remuneration and dividing any income derived from the site might be tricky unless the process is approached as a proper business.

  9. Sad to hear. I’m thrilled to see some more from you guys because you’re one of my favourites and I can’t afford VOD, but sucks to know that it’ll impact you in that way.

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