Yoad Nevo: Mastering With Waves

Yoad Nevo: Mastering With Waves
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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”2V9d6zQzcrg” title=”Yoad Nevo: Mastering With Waves” upload_time=”2013-05-23T13:48:33.000Z” description=”Visit: for more information.” duration=”PT35M53S”]

13 thoughts on “Yoad Nevo: Mastering With Waves”

  1. Hey, any other engieers on this video right now? I noticed that Nevo said
    that he leaves dithering OFF & just uses the 50/60hz hum of the waves
    analog modeled plugins as dither? Has anyone else ever tried this? What
    were your results? Sounds like a very interesting/out of the box idea..

  2. ???? sound horrible in You Tube to me..anyway Yoad is a gentlemen and 26
    years of experience cant be taugh in a 35 munute video badly recorded or
    converted. that´s my speakers experience of this masterclass. His advice
    are way more interesting than the sound of this video. Anyway my videos
    sound even worst for now, so. I´m not an example :-)

  3. is it wrong to start mastering when the mixing is not even finished, in the
    same session ? because sometimes i feel like it’s easier to compose a track
    while having already a kind of feeling of the processed master. the same
    way it’s more musical to record a guitar solo with a fat sound that can
    inspire you.

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