YouTube SEO : How To Rank Every Video 2018 Tutorial

YouTube SEO : How To Rank Every Video 2018 Tutorial
Learn How to do YOUTUBE VIDEO SEO to rank any video? Join 25 Days FREE SEO Course here Make Me Friend at Facebook

So in this video you will learn that how to rank your video in youtube video search ,youtube related video section and google search with google video search.
Nekraj from SEOFREETIPS.Net You can learn all about SEO,keyword research,link building and Google Analytics at So Let’s Start
Step no 1 #1.Do A Quick Search on Google
Like This and find the keyword which has video result.
Generally Google shows video result of these keywords How-to keywords (“how to shave a cat”) Reviews (“Bluehost review”) Tutorials (“Setting up WordPress”) Anything fitness or sports related (“Cardio kickboxing”) Funny videos (“Cute animals”)
Only Select keywords which have Video Result Enjoying Video,Give it a Like
Now Just Follow These Great Tips:-

Basic YouTube SEO Tips:-

1. Add your focus keyword in title, description, video file name and tags.
Second make your video more awesome and long so that you can get more retention time.
Third is don’t bore your viewer. Study shows that if your viewer don’t like first 15 sec of video then he will move from your channel and this is not a good signals.

And here is my 2 advanced YouTube VIDEO SEO tips
Must use competitor names in descriptions and tags to appear in “related video” section.
To Promote Video You can 1. Quora :- Simply find question related to your video and give best answer.
2. Social Media :- Promote your video on your Facebook page, group,twitter ,LinkedIn and Google Plus etc.
3. Your Email List : Just send a message to your email list.
4. Embed In Your Blog :-This will help you to get more views.
5. Do Link Building :Link Building will rank your video in Google Search.

Note: You can buy social signals,links and embed for your YouTube video via seoclerks.

Hope these steps and tricks will help you to get your video rank fast . Do let us know if you find any other applets that does work like this.

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So I am sure that your query like :-

-YouTube SEO Tutorial ?
– How to rank your video on YouTube?
– What are the best Video SEO techniques?

has been solved.

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Believe me these are the techniques which neither brain dean not Neil Patel or Moz or Ahrefs will tell you.

Feel free to share your thoughts of if you have any question related to YouTube SEO in 2018 ?
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