YouTube Tags And Getting More Views [Video SEO]

YouTube Tags And Getting More Views [Video SEO]
YouTube Tags and Getting More Views
Getting more views on YouTube is largely a matter of understanding Video SEO and ranking in YouTube search.
Your YouTube video tags make all the difference in the world of you getting found in YouTube search by potential viewers.

That means you have more chances at getting more views in YouTube than your competitors if you can outrank them. So you need to learn how to properly tag your YouTube videos if you want to dominate the search engines and get more people to discover your content.

YouTube, Tags, Descriptions and Titles are the most important factors in getting views aside from YouTube Watch Time and Thumbnails. Subscribers counts in and of themselves do not get you new viewers.

Make sure when you are creating tags for your YouTube Videos that you are doing your research.

I use TubeBuddy to help with my YouTube Tags and SEO

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39 thoughts on “YouTube Tags And Getting More Views [Video SEO]”

  1. So is putting tags in your description different from using Youtube Hashtags in your descriptions?

  2. I just started youtube and am clueless on how to get views , etc. your videos have been really helpful . Thanks , looking forward to watching more.

  3. I have a problem with my channels, all my stuff are original, and I don’t use anything from the third party, BUT
    what I saw is that whenever I use more tags ” videos for no reason goes into illegible for monetization ”

    whenever I use only a few tags, it gets monetized but it goes way down in the youtube search.

    I contacted youtube but there were no answer, I searched in youtube and couldn’t find an answer,

    could you please let me know, where Im going wrong ?

  4. Can someone answer this please? Is there a such thing as adding too many tags?

  5. Awesome Video Roberto Blake! I subscribed to your channel and I am going to watch all of your videos.

  6. Roberto thanks for your videos. I appreciate your help, especially as someone trying to grow my channel. Keep it up.

  7. do you just right the word in or do you suppose to add the # sign? Because I have been doing the # sign. ??

  8. i started a channel and wow this hard is lot work i did all this driving and video taping and still only one subscriber lol

  9. Thanks so much! I just cant figure out what I want my channel to be about I love doing mom stuff, traveling, video but i just cant get my s*** together its driving me nuts. My thumbnails suck also I need to work on it and revamp it but I just dont know where to start. Thanks for the tips loving your channel.

  10. Roberto i’ve been on youtube for 6 years already,tried my best on another channel and gave up.
    Now,i can honestly tell you that with your help i finally understood how tags work and its just thanks to you….Robert idon’t know how to thank you…really,i dont know how to thank you enough!
    Now i m tryiing to understand how to match title with tags as i can’t rank for the simple title for example ”how i lost my virginity” ,cant rank it..i have to put like that phrase and something else,but then it becamse a keyword that isnt too much searched
    However,thank you very much! thank you

  11. hey Robert whats up i am having trouble withs tags too i never can understand it youtube is very hard

  12. THANK YOU brother. I’ve been using your recommended tag strategies and I wanted to let you know that after implementing them over the past week and a half, I’ve already seen “YouTube Search” increase by 3% out of ALL my YouTube traffic sources.

    I didn’t believe it when I just checked my analytics but, indeed the tags I put in my videos were literally the exact things people were searching for once I looked at the details in the analytics. Re-watching these videos I find that there are always little nuances that I didn’t quite understand before, but am starting to get the grasp of now.

  13. My question is, “Are tags that get cut off, are they still searchable in their entire length?” Let me know, thank you.

  14. Great video and awesome tips as always, Roberto!! Thanks for sharing!! 🙂 Your advice on tags, and especially your video How to Tag YouTube Videos and Get More Views in YouTube [STEP BY STEP] changed my life when it comes to ranking on YouTube. Again – thank you so much!!

  15. hey man ive been watching you for a while now but i just saw this video and i just started using tags so this was pretty useful thanks! but i still dont fully understand what tags really do, explain a little please?

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