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YouTube Video SEO And How To Rank Videos In YouTube

YouTube Video SEO And How To Rank Videos In YouTube
How to Rank Videos in YouTube Search with Video SEO
Ranking Videos on YouTube can help your videos get discovered and get more views. Learning Video SEO is the first step.

Getting more views on YouTube is completely dependent on getting your videos in front of as many people as possible. YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world, so ranking in YouTube search is essential to growing in YouTube for most new YouTube creators.

Ranking High in YouTube can be accomplished even by new YouTubers if you know how to take advantage of Video SEO (Search Engine Optimization). The same rules apply to YouTube as apply to Google when it comes to this with very minor differences.

YouTube Rankings are dictated by specific Video SEO Factors:
Watch Time effects Your YouTube Ranking-Heavy
Number of Views effects Your YouTube Ranking- Heavy
Titles and Description Text effects YouTube Ranking- Medium
Video Tags effect Your YouTube Ranking- Medium
Frequency of YouTube Activity effects Your Ranking- Medium
Video Likes and Shares effect Your YouTube Ranking- Low

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Example of a Video Tagged in Reel Genius:

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28 thoughts on “YouTube Video SEO And How To Rank Videos In YouTube”

  1. Hi there Roberto!

    Thank you for sharing this information. I have been an Online Entrepreneur for a while now and I am always searching for ways to rank my videos higher and expand my business.

    Not only is this helpful for me but what I learn from you I can share with all my team members and Followers.Thank you!

  2. Wow! Definitely one of the most informative videos of this topic. Nice job man.

  3. I’m a 17 movie starter about metal detecting and I’m finding that your information is just great. All I need now is the time to put this info into practice. First thing I’m going to try is to upgrade my thumbnail. Once again thanks  Gold-Den

  4. I’ve done all this. YouTube has Given me a chance and has let me appear somewhat close to the search. like 15 videos below. now how do I get people to watch this video all the way on the bottom?

  5. I came to watch this one; great information and you are still ranking #1 for those “long tail keywords”

  6. I had serveral videos ranking in the top 3 search results when typing in specific key words. However, in the last few day i experienced a sudden drop in ranking from top 3 to 20th place… The same happened with several other videos that ranked well for over a year… and now a sudden drop… Is youtube ranking my channel lower or something? Can anybody help?

    Thank you,

  7. 8 minutes into it and I’ve already learned more than I did in a 1 HR webinar from an “expert” “YouTube guru”.

  8. I will definitely use some of these tricks for my channel. I never knew all of these things had to match up. Thanks for the help.

  9. Great tips Roberto! It would be brilliant if you could review our software. I will be pleased to give you a free review copy.

  10. like a video u make gets 0 then in a week like 100 it’d possible depends on the title and description

  11. Hey Roberto. I’m new and have a few videos. I feel like my videos are somewhat good but nothing people are really searching for. Do you have any tips on other ways to promote my channel such as forums or other things? Thanks.

  12. thanks helps me a lot .. in my channel I make ‘how to’ videos , can I make any type of ‘how to’ video, like ‘how to be happy’ and ‘how to use car brakes effectively’ ,as they are from different genres. Should they be together in a how to channel ??

  13. Wow! Great video. I finally found someone who can explain SEO and Ranking thoroughly. Roberto Blake thank you so much for this video.

  14. You said, mix or variety, is that ok or should I only do one single type of content? and Yes indeed your videos are really good.

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