YouTube Video SEO Descriptions Explained

YouTube Video SEO Descriptions Explained
YouTube Video SEO Descriptions Explained
Ranking in YouTube Search is dependent on Video SEO and understanding how YouTube Descriptions, Titles and Tags.

YouTube is a Search Engine, in fact, YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world and largest video delivery platform in the world. Learning Search Engine Optimization and how it applies to Video and YouTube specifically is important if you want to take advantage of the fact that users search for specific content they want to consume.

If you are familiar with traditional SEO then Video SEO is very similar and you can apply many of the same strategies and approaches. YouTube search ranking is dependent initially on how well you position your videos based on their YouTube Titles, Descriptions and Tags. After that it is then a matter of several factors revolving around engagement.

If you are still struggling with Video SEO in YouTube consider using TubeBuddy as a tool:

The specific way that YouTube Descriptions Help SEO has everything to do with the fact that like Google, YouTube is a search engine and so it values the content in the description and tries to associate it with the titles and tags for relevance against what user type into the YouTube search box.

If you can anticipate those search terms in YouTube for your audience then you can easily reverse engineer that for you YouTube Video SEO strategy.

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39 thoughts on “YouTube Video SEO Descriptions Explained”

  1. So helpful! If you can, you should do channel reviews. Like give creators tips on how you think they could grow. I don’t know if you need certification to do that, but it would be great! thanks.

  2. Just became a recon subscriber , you’re very intelligent and have great content . Love the information on tech and useful tips , certainly deserve more subs and acknowledgment ?

  3. Thank you again Roberto! Never heard of tubebuddy. Going to go check it out. You’re my number 1 YouTube tool! I always tell people if I see comments on other videos to head to your channel. You’re genuine and smart! Thank you for sharing!

  4. Excellent video. I am sleeping on google plus, social networks a bit. But I usually never put anything in my description other than the title. Thanks so much! Following your how to get 10K on youtube in 12 months. Started it a few days ago and I have already gained 7 subs!

  5. The majority of views comes from “search” – that tells me I need to get serious about how I set up my videos. Thanks for the information. I have lots of work to do.

  6. love your positive attitude! thanks for your vids man! im beginning my youtube journey starting small but hope to grow and entertain people and maybe even build a community or just make some good friends on the way.

  7. Thanks again Roberto for the tips i have just gone back and sorted out my playlists Title description etc 🙂
    One question i have not about the video but about Youtube commenting, For some people on my channel when i replay to their comment it is hidden when i go back to view it and have to click view replay to see it

  8. Um, you don’t need to think like a human being to create content and let me tell you why. The funny cat, dog, and other animal videos are prime example of not needing to think like a human in order to get popular on youtube. Anyway, how do you know if a description is good or not? If you are just starting out, how can you be sure that the 10 views you got on the video weren’t luck?

  9. Thanks for the great info! We are new to the Youtube world and are learning things as we go along :). I looked at TubeBuddy and was wondering why TubeBuddy can read and change all the data on the websites I visit? How safe is this extension?

  10. Hey Roberto, I’m a new sub and I just want to say I think your great. Ive only seen 3 of your videos so far and I know that I could learn a lot from you. So I look forward to watching more of your content and learning how to grow my channel. Thank you

  11. I guess I soon have gone through all of your ‘how to start a channel’ , ‘how to grow on yt’ videos and so on ^^ Thanks a lot, your content is very helpful!

  12. Wow. Round of Applause! I was totally not putting enough written information but I will start now. I’m sure it will help me. It only makes sense so thank you very much.

  13. Awesome hon! Great info! What types of keywords should be in our Channel Description? Which should we focus on/how to include them if we will be teaching 3-4 diff types of things on our channel?

  14. Thanks a bunch for this Roberto! My friend Jill met you not too long ago in New York and she told me about how useful your channel is and how amazing you are as a creative entrepreneur in general! Definitely hoping to learn more through your videos!

  15. #Piquetures by Nomi Thanks for your videos Roberto!
    This one in particular helped me a lot! @LifeWithOurGirls

  16. Thank you for this valuable information, apparently I need to stop being lazy and actually write descriptions on my Videos

  17. I have a youtube channel which is doing really good. And in my video description i use tags apart from the tagging box. And the search ranking of my channel is good. But i recently learned that using tags in the description is against the youtube terms. I dont want to lose the search ranking of my channel. What i want to know is if i remove the tags from my video description is there a chance that i will lose the search ranking of my channel

  18. i have tube buddy, and it does help, but so many features cost money. really annoying

  19. The chill factor is what keeps me coming back to your vids. Can’t stand all the HHHYYYPEE.

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