5 Easy Search Engine Optimization Tricks To Get More Views On YouTube

You’ve been making excellent and engaging videos, but you can’t figure out why your views don’t seem to increase from video to video. The solution? these five easy YouTube SEO optimization tips.

If you want to grow your YouTube Channel, it is imperative that you understand and properly implement search engine optimization to make your video content and your channel as discoverable as possible.

Today I will show you five search engine optimization that will help you grow your channel effectively.

Search engine optimization is very simply configuring your video content to help search engines like Google, YouTube, Bing, and Yahoo to easily discover and deliver your content to people who are searching for it. In this YouTube SEO tutorial, I’ll show you why your views are lower than you’d like and why so much great content goes undiscovered on YouTube.

How does YouTube SEO work?

Here are the six parts of your videos you need to configure to maximize your youtube seo ranking:

1. File Name was confirmed as a myth, so disregard step one from an SEO perspective. But, it’s still a good practice as it will save you time in titling your video if you do it the way I suggested.

2. Video Title should follow suit

3. Video Description should describe the video in detail (Google and YouTube search the text) and use keywords when possible

4. Video Tags should follow suit (don’t overuse them)

5. Create links to your videos from other websites (including your own blog)

6. Create your content to encourage High Watch Time

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32 thoughts on “5 Easy Search Engine Optimization Tricks To Get More Views On YouTube”

  1. I still consider pretty new at this but theres one thing I know that can’t hurt and I might as well as adding my 2 cents here. Go on google plus and join some community and engage them. That can’t hurt

  2. File names don’t impact SEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0Snw-DEFK-Q

  3. This will definitely help me out a lot! Thanks so much and I cant wait to see the next part :D. Now I know to rename all my files before uploading them hahaha! I usually just put random stuff, for example “Uasfn” Or mainly just “Untitled” straight from sony vegas.

  4. Been struggling to get some decent traffic to my channel even with proper SEO techniques haha, Doesn’t matter still love making material for youtube 🙂

  5. Man, you have no idea how refreshing it is to watch your channel…there is too much petty vitriol and senseless console wars among gamers today…and to see someone actually making an effort to contribute something intelligent and positive, for once.
    You’re one in a million in a gaming community. Thank you for all you’re doing here.

  6. Hi +Alloy Seven having been an internet marketer since way before started making a youtube channel I know how spot on you are also commenting is great , some comments ive left on videos that rank on page 1 in google have also ranked high with me commenting

  7. Just wondering if I should put at the top of the description that I have subtitles available? In the creator academy they make it seem like a best practice, but I just noticed that in search little CC & HD icons come up under the video, so it seems like It’s just a pointless waste of space? Or maybe at the top of the description is best in case the person doesn’t speak English and also doesn’t notice the little icons under the video in search?

  8. Awesome vid as always! Thank you for making these helpful videos for youtube creators. The drawing at the end is cool. I think that could make a good cartoon.

  9. Just discovered your channel, and I have to say this content is excellent. I will definitely be using this as a resource for improving my channel. Thank you for all the tips.

  10. Some really useful and thought provoking stuff here – as I’m coming to expect from your videos, sir!

    I’d never have made the connection between the amount of time people spend watching a video and how it ranks within Youtube. That’ definitely encouraging and useful information.

  11. This video is totally making me want to play Axiom Verge right now, but I need to learn. 😉

  12. You know how there are a lot of videos for example where they put Top 10-20 upcoming video games for yr 16-17, and they place a game story for each game in their videos with ought doing any walkthroughs or comments, well my question is how they manage to monetize these upcoming game stories, where do they get the games ahead of time and how are they allowed to play these game stories?

  13. Great tips and glad that I use all of them except the tag with your own channel name. How did I not think of that… time to edit some video tags. #Subscribed

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