About SDARR Studios

Search Engine Optimization Agency Arizona

SDARR was birthed by recording engineer and music producer Jordan Beriault back in 2001. After college Jordan interned with platinum mix engineer Jeff Harris who was behind the boards for Supertramp’s Breakfast in America album. Jeff also worked with Stevie Nicks, Phil Collins, Fleetwood Mac, and Jordy Hormel at the now infamous Ocean Way Studios in California.

Under Jeff, Jordan learned the art of tracking and mixing records at a very high level. Working with local Arizona musicians on various projects he eventually recorded and produced Grammy-nominated albums for Carla Morrison. Jordan worked with Carla on her first two albums, the second was nominated for Alternative Album of the year. Drawing attention from multiplatinum artists in Mexico, Carla has since risen to fame with multiple Grammy wins and millions of records sold worldwide.

Today those engineering skills have led him to the internet where his understanding of electrical signal flow in the recording studio translated into an understanding of the Google algorithms and how Search Engine Optimization works. This understanding has allowed him the opportunity to help many local businesses achieve Page 1 rankings within Google. Although music and record production will always be in his heart, search engine optimization for local businesses has become a passion.

Helping people is our number one priority, and we can do that by ranking the right businesses, for the right keywords, so that people searching the internet for products and services can find those businesses and get the help they need.