Adobe Audition CS6 Rap Vocal Mixing Tutorial

Adobe Audition CS6 Rap Vocal Mixing Tutorial
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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”s-3Y4B8IoCQ” title=”Adobe Audition CS6 Rap Vocal Mixing Tutorial” upload_time=”2013-01-06T07:56:03.000Z” description=”Please like me on Facebook 🙂 Download my NEW EP FREE! Follow Me on Twitter: Like me on Facebook: ” duration=”PT7M17S”]

38 thoughts on “Adobe Audition CS6 Rap Vocal Mixing Tutorial”

  1. it’s a few thing’s they didn pull from cool edit pro 2.1 and it was hard
    using this program without any guidance, this helped way more then the
    other video’s! appreciate it bro!

  2. definitely one of the most helpful videos on youtube for this kind of
    editing. Very appreciated thank you :)

  3. Hello, tnx for great video, can you explain a lil bit more about mastering
    it, I didnt figure it out well from this video 😛

    Thank you

  4. Hey dude thanks for the tutorial. It seems much easier to mix music here I
    was using audacity for now and since in I’m in college they are giving me
    many software for free for a year. So I wanted to learn more about it and
    this helped a lot! I’ll check out your music as well and share it on FB and

  5. Yo in the beginning of the song when you played it, that super deep talking
    effect. Do a tutorial on that homie

  6. my name is cordale and i have a studio live 16.0.2 with a universal audio
    twin 710 finity and a sterling audio st77 mic. i dont know what to do
    because i paid a lot of money for my equipment but im using audobe cs6 but
    i dont know how mix my songs right and make it sound great. im getting a
    lil stressed because what i paid for but its not sounding the way it
    should, plz helkp me out and let me know how you make your songs sound so
    clear and warm.

  7. Hey Kyle, i have been trying to download Adobe Audition but everytime i do
    it, all im getting is adobe photoshop. I used Cool edit a while ago, and i
    lost the installation file, So i have tried to upgrade and i dying to have
    the AU, Is there a way u can hook me up with it, or any suggestion on the
    torrent that would work for me to download it??? I’d really appreciate for
    your help/…Thank u in advance

  8. Do you record through this program? Or do you just record them somewhere
    else and then import them?

  9. Paso means Step 😛

    Paso 1
    Noise Reduction – Reduce by 40db

    Paso 2
    Preset Music Enchancer – Apply

    Paso 3
    Effects Compression – Limit to -6db

    Paso 4
    Effects Special Mastering – Subtile Clarity Uncheck Peaking Enable – Reverb

    Paso 5
    Effects Reverb Studio Reverb – Mastering Reverb – Wet 10%

    Paso 6
    Optional Echo – Default 525ms Feedback 15% Echo 35%

    Paso 7
    Effects Filter and EQ Parametric Equalizer – Generic Low Pass – Apply

  10. wow bro this video helped out alot check out my latest single it sounds pro
    thanks alot appreciate it

  11. Are you still using these same techniques? Just trying to get the best
    sound for my music and your editing seems more legit. Peace.

  12. Awesome i been using mixcraft for a few years and I just tried this out and
    watching this makes me want to up my mixing Skills. Thanks for taking the
    time to help us noobs. :)

  13. Thank you for not being those annoying people that talk so much when we
    dont care about how things work. XD We just want to get this shit done.

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