Are Pages From Social Media Sites Ranked Differently?

Are Pages From Social Media Sites Ranked Differently?
Are Facebook and Twitter signals part of the ranking algorithm? How much do they matter?
Ryan, Michigan

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27 thoughts on “Are Pages From Social Media Sites Ranked Differently?”

  1. Realmente no dice si influyen o no influyen en los rankings… Como no lo aclara seguramente influyen de alguna manera

  2. What signals does Google use in their current algorithm to rank individual Facebook pages and Twitter accounts?

  3. I feel like you really have to “read between the lines” on Matt Cutts’ videos. He does not answer whether or not if content shares, tweets and retweets are measured in Google’s Alg.

  4. This is a “signal” showing that authority (related to GPlus, AuthorRank, authorship markup) now matters, a lot.

  5. Google + is definitely favored when it comes to rankings. When you connect your G+ profile to blog (the right way), you’ll be able to have your profile picture show up with your search result. Totally aesthetic but if Google is doing that, it obviously has a “social favorite”. Just like YT vids are first up in video search.

  6. In 2010 May : “We don’t care about Facebook and Twitter”
    In 2010 Dec : “Yes, We do care about Facebook and Twitter”
    In 2014 Jan : “We don’t care about Facebook and Twitter”
    We know Matt, Your hands are tight. Why don’t you just say. “2011 June We Launched Google Plus” 🙂

    I also write an article about “Google’s double headed policy on Social Signals to promote Google Plus”

    Nothing personal Matt, We need to give some answers to our SEO clients, after they spend $$$ on Facebook and Twitter.

  7. Google does not use any social signals (likes, followers…) from social media sites like Facebook and Twitter in its ranking algorithm.

  8. Google (per Matt) have more recently changed their position on this. But I think he’s partly missing the point. It’s not about likes and followers, it’s about shares and tweets – real, measurable human behavior ranking something they collectively find “awesome” – across ALL social channels (there are 13 social icons right above this comment – and YouTube is a Google property).
    Indeed, Google upranks that activity!

  9. Referencing the article on “Matt Cutts: Facebook, Twitter Social Signals Not Part of #GoogleSearchRankingAlgorithms    ” – by Jennifer Slegg, January 28, 2014
    .   . where Matt Cutts and Eric Enge found in a study that Facebook likes and shares don’t impact +Google  search rankings.  
    +Google Webmasters  #algorithm  

    +Matt Cutts  states:  quote “Looking forward about 10 years, Cutts said how Google treats #socialsignals   might change . . I think over 10 years, we’re more likely to understand identity and to understand the social connections between people, but at least for the time being, we have to deal with the web as it is and what we are allowed to crawl and what we can easily extract from that and count on being able to access that in the future. So as of now, Google doesn’t seem to be using Facebook and Twitter social signals when it comes to ranking. However, there are obviously still plenty of benefits and marketers shouldn’t cease those benefits simply because there doesn’t seem to be direct relation between those two social media platforms and Google ranking.” end quote

  10. Google track Facebook and Twitter like any other page and don’t pick up on signals such as like counts or follower counts. #SEO #SocialMedia

  11. Thanks for the video but now i am so confuse  few days back i saw a video in which you said twitter and Facebook is ranking factors i lost the link of that video.please if you get time reply

  12. Hi matt I got what you are trying to explain. as you said  social network websites aren’t crawled or indexed different from any other website and also the problem you  face but if I talk about some website and they are trying to build good reputation in social media as you told in last video (we are also trying to figure out a little bit about  the reputation) then how you will figure out about reputation of an author or website.

  13. Come on level with us, Matt. Clearly, big G is taking social signals more into account than you have let on here. Perhaps, in 2015 G is looking at social signals as part of the algo. I have seen them rank sites without any backlinks pointed at them. Gimme a break!

  14. “To the best of my knowledge, we don’t currently have signals like that in our web search ranking algorithms”…. That statement is a little weak for me.

  15. Social Signals are not that important from SEO, but links from Social Media Sites have some real high authority so it wouldn’t be too much technically incorrect to say that ‘Social Signals do matter’ :).

  16. Hi Matt,

    In early 2014 they opened up enough to admit that social signals are NOT an active part of their ranking algorithms. Which was the complete opposite of what Google said in 2010. What gives?

    We all definitely know social is a large part of most digital marketing efforts. And, social has the power to drive traffic, both organically and via paid channels.
    Source :

    Its really disappointing for all of us specially who put lot of efforts in selling content. Earlier it was said social signal is going to boost content ranking i.e. if the content, having social sharing buttons get more hits , shares this means people is liking that particular content and hence Google starts giving it more priority.
    Now with current status its really disappointment.
    First Google+ got is no more visible and now social signal is valueless.

    Hope Google start adding social signal as part of ranking otherwise people start killing social sources that were generating signals.

    Manoj Kumar Sethi
    Owner of
    Digital Marketer

  17. Oevae has been using both Facebook and Twitter in a very unique way to help consumers find our clients… much more than posting “trending” topics but using stats from both to groom customer relationships.

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