Optimizing Content with yoast focus keywords

Choosing Yoast Focus Keywords + Green Light Optimization

Choosing Yoast Focus Keywords + Green Light Optimization
Learn how to choose better Yoast focus keywords so you can optimize your WordPress content for those phrases and achieve higher rankings. I cover both keyword research and content optimization which are the 2 primary stages when using Yoast.

Google Autocomplete 1:21
Google Keyword Planner 05:40
HubShout WebGrader 08:18
Content Optimization 10:08
Social Media Optimization 18:59
Local vs. National Keywords 20:17
Keyword Competition 22:07

-Grab your list of products/services
-Research 1 keyword for each
-Use Google Autocomplete to learn what people are searching in Google
-Use Google Keyword Planner to get more keyword ideas and learn each keyword’s # of monthly searches
-Use HubShout WebGrader to see up to 4 competitor keywords
-Use these tools to create a keyword list so you can learn what content needs to go on your website / blog
-Create a page for each keyword, do not target the same keyword on multiple pages
-Use Yoast to include your keyword in the right places
-Use Yoast’s page analysis tab to further optimize the content
-Use Yoast’s social tab to optimize content to be shared on Facebook, Twitter, Google+
-Local keywords are usually more broad than national keywords
-National keywords should involve learning the keyword competition using indicators I mention in the video

Google Autocomplete
Google Keyword Planner
HubShout WebGrader
Complete Yoast tutorial:

Leave me a comment if you have any questions!

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”QlkzOoLRm6w” title=”Choosing Yoast Focus Keywords + Green Light Optimization” upload_time=”2015-08-14T04:29:37.000Z” description=”Learn how to choose better Yoast focus keywords so you can optimize your WordPress content for those phrases and achieve higher rankings. I cover both keyword” duration=”PT24M37S”]

23 thoughts on “Choosing Yoast Focus Keywords + Green Light Optimization”

  1. we have been trying to learn SEO for quiet a long time. Your video is amazing and cleared lots of gray areas. I need small help and would like to connect with you. There are few queries which I believe you can answer. Let me know your direct email or contact details and would like to even meet you online!

  2. I have Yoast SEO Premium and one has the option to choose multiple focus keywords. I know not to duplicate keywords on different pages, but do you know if there is a primary focus keyword, or do all have the same amount of pull?

  3. This is the best tutorial ever which combines keyword detecting technics AND integrating them in seo by yoast! Thank you so much!
    Berlin | Germany

  4. Thank you sir.After 6 month I just do ugly blogging because not know the value of keywords.

  5. Thanks for this amazing video. I’ve learned so much informations about SEO optimisation with Yoast plugin.

  6. Hi,
    It is really worth video.
    I have only one doubt.
    for example, if there are 15 pages, the word “chicago photography” will be repeating for all pages, I mean the meta name, description etc. so will it be a problem for the website or google has no problem with that ?
    Your advise will really help us…

    Thanking you..!!

  7. when i type in “google adwords: keyword planner” it just automatically directs me to sign up with for a expensive advertising plan. I just want to use the keyword tool.

  8. Update Nov. 2016…
    1. Just spent 3 days and 20mg of adderall working on my new Yoast tutorial: http://www.onlinemediamasters.com/yoast-wordpress-seo-settings/
    2. Use Moz Keyword Explorer instead of Google Keyword Planner (free and doesn’t make you sign up for AdWords) https://moz.com/products/pro/keyword-explorer
    3. Use MozBar Google Chrome Extension to Google any keyword and see how competitive it is based on DA (domain authority) and PA (page authority) so you’re not targeting super competitive keywords: https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/mozbar/eakacpaijcpapndcfffdgphdiccmpknp?hl=en
    4. Not related to Yoast, but rich snippets are a big part of content optimization by enhancing snippets with review stars, recipe information, etc. Here’s a tutorial: http://www.onlinemediamasters.com/how-to-add-rich-snippets-to-wordpress/
    5. Also have tutorials for W3 Total Cache (for speed), local SEO, Youtube SEO, WordPress affiliate programs, plenty of other WordPress SEO + speed optimization guides: http://www.onlinemediamasters.com/

    Please like this comment so other people can see it – would appreciate it!

  9. Life saver, almost believed that having the plugin alone was enough, clearly not. Not only is the initial google search trick handy, you’ve provided a clear guidance! kudos!

  10. Why is there ever any talk of multiple keywords? For instance when you went on to talk about local vs national keywords and the number of keyword associated with them. I thought that you were restrained to using only one keyword per page. Is it simply a must to have multiple pages no matter how redundant just to increase the number of keywords?

    Sorry for the ignorant question. Just new to this stuff.

  11. if I change my title in yoast plugin

    immediately it will change or it will take time

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