Google Does Not Use The Keywords Meta Tag In Web Ranking

Google Does Not Use The Keywords Meta Tag In Web Ranking
For more information, please see the our blog post:
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17 thoughts on “Google Does Not Use The Keywords Meta Tag In Web Ranking”

  1. Just in case you didn’t know. I still see people get really concerned about this topic. The keywords that you can code on your website, are not looked at by Google. This means you need to improve the use of your keywords _in line_ in your content and to structure your blog posts and articles properly. The meta tags that Google *does* look at are “meta description”. — Conclusion, don’t bother too much with them for Google ranking, and don’t worry if other people use them negatively against you. 

  2. I didn’t know that +Google does not use the #keyword #meta #tag in web #raking . It’s great to be #informed . Thanks for sharing   +Logan Lynn Roberts 

  3. So when making a video it is safe to say the key words box below for tags is not important but ALL the words in the videos description are very important? Not anyone spam the “about video” video section with key words, but write an accurate description that does contain many key words??? Thanks in advance?

  4. Matt, that is the reason why Google is no search engine any longer, but merely a waste dumper. Now you suck up all that worthless content crap they produce out there (everyone talks about the same anyway), talking about … nothing, really, and then you dump it onto people as your “Search Result”. Now I CAN DO YOUR job, and search my way through 211,498,356 Google Waste Result” pages, trying to find something, that comes close to what I was actually trying to find. Well, Google, I don’t actually need you for that then at all, do I!?

    As a matter of fact. If I wanted to, I can do much more damage to other people in the content I create. Hence, your “Explanation” as to “WHY” you scrapped the keywords has no basis except ONE! You wanted to change into a “content collector”. That’s the truth about your “content” theory. 

    As another matter of fact, if you’d have worked through the keywords  strategy properly, “Keywords” would be much more effective and displaying “Correct’ search results. Your explanation (or better told “Excuse”), has now become unacceptable, Matt, and you better delete this video, before more people find out about you.

    Would you like me to elaborate on this? I guess not. Google, and you, would never accept the truth. Of course you’re big and (still) own that monopoly 😉 but, the more you go down this path, the more doors you open up.

    With all due respect, Matt. but sometimes it would make much more (and better) sense, to work the problem out and through, rather than just creating a new, bigger problem, but then lying to the world, “problem solved”. 

    But then again, you need to please your shareholders, not the general user, I understand that corporate driver, too.

  5. shared this video on my site to stop user asking around the same question. Does the meta “keywords” have impact on google search? PS: Cool videos on your channel.

  6. Come on. People can span any other content in a page, other than a meta keyword. How can they not spam the description tag?

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  8. This video is really cool. I like it. This will be easy to follow. I found this course really informative and praticle. Thanks

  9. Thanks for this, but i want to ask something. We are in 2016, this video is made at 2009, google search algorithm has changed a lot, so my question is again “Do meta keywords still not matter in web ranking?”

  10. well I don’t understand tech talk but I do know that google is blocking certain searches for example a lot of diy people who want to search for was and materials to make there own stuff have trouble finding it unless it’s from a place that produces what your wanting to make at a price that’s higher than what it’d take to buy the the complete project out right

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