Home Recording Mixing Tips Ep.6 Mastering With Garageband.

Home Recording Mixing Tips Ep.6 Mastering With Garageband.
In this video I will discuss gain structure and how to get the most out of the Mastering section in Garageband 09.

Lesson by Lewin Barringer

Song by Max Rougier
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38 thoughts on “Home Recording Mixing Tips Ep.6 Mastering With Garageband.”

  1. wow really helpful i never knew there was a master track. i would always
    fade out each track for a fade out. now i can just fade the master track.
    thx man :)

  2. sorry to comment twice but where do you get those drum samples from? cuz i
    cant make any songs with garage bands awful drums

  3. Yes! Look into the PSP Vintage Warmer. I have a video on it and it’s my #1
    “go to” plug in

  4. Hey just FYI, I’m going to remove your comment here because it has your
    email address in it. I’d hate for someone to pick it up and use it for
    something bad. But glad that I could help! 

  5. Hello, I watched one of your other videos concerning the peak limiter and
    how it could help get the overall sound of a final mix louder. When I had
    done this the audio lost some of it’s quality, I was just wondering if
    there were any good programs for garageband that would increase the volume
    and have there be no clipping. 

  6. Thanks so much man! I’ve been producing my own stuff a lot lately, and it’s
    nice to have a lot of the gaps filled in. Are there any forums you depend
    on? Or any online sources you check often to learn of bugs and updates?
    Thanks again

  7. Lewin, you’ve either had a far too easy life or you moisturise a lot ! This
    series has helped me more than anything I’ve read or watched on Garageband.
    Thank you so much.

  8. GarageBand is awesome, but I’ve also used logic and love that as well. Do
    you still prefer GarageBand? And why?

  9. I record with the Saffire Pro 14, It almost always Clips whenever I try to
    record my Vocals. I turned the gained down to about 8 – 9. It helps stop
    the clipping a little bit, but its usually still there. It seems like the
    more I turn down the gain, the less clipping, but then I cant really hear
    my vocals through my headphones. Its really really aggravating. I think ive
    asked you for help on this before, do you have any advice? Please let me
    know asap.

  10. Keloc have you tried to turn down the mix to allow more headroom so there
    is space for the vocals. I usually don’t have my mix much louder than say
    negative 15 or so then mash it out with mastering once the mix is done.

  11. Hey I was wondering…do you think it makes sense to use different
    mastering settings for different tracks on the same album? Will doing so
    affect the cohesiveness of an album?

  12. Excellent production on Max’s original song and very well presented – thank
    you very much. I was actually watching to find out more about the features
    of garageband on a desk top Mac, as opposed to the iPad version, which has
    served me well for the last four years. Clearly the difference is huge and
    well worth investing in a mac for. Thanks again for the great work!!

  13. I record using Garageband on IPad. As far as I can tell, there doesn’t seem
    to be a way to master using the IPad version. Any advise on that? Thank

  14. Great Job I will apply tho Gb 6.5 ,Gb 10 and Logic 9 .. I don’t have the
    200.00’s required to upgrade to Logic X. . I will keep all vers. I
    learned them for a reason 

  15. Most beautiful song I’ve herd made out of garageband…. Whats it called?
    where can I find it???

  16. Just wondered if yo9u knew why the sound is so thin when you transfer to
    Itunes….. and how if you higher levels you cannot email your song as too
    much memory is required

  17. Of all the how to videos of GB, you are by far the best! To the point,
    genuine, and very helpful!

  18. i seems that your volumes on most channels are low and the drums channel is
    turned up more. Is that why it is clipping is in the red and the others are
    not? When I record a track, do I want the volume set to 0.0 and adjust the
    gain on my interface to stay out of the red?

  19. I really learned a lot in your videos of this project. You did a great job
    with the song. I hope that you continue to give more detail information
    about using EQ. Thanks so much for your knowledge and sharing it with
    others. I look forward to viewing more of your videos.

  20. I asked this on another one of your videos as well, but: how do you
    actually get the master tracks to record? Are you bouncing down to them, or
    what? I understand all the decisions that have to be made about levels
    etc., but how do you get the final pair to appear and to save them? Thanks
    for answering what is no doubt a dumb question.

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