How Does Google Handle Duplicate Content?

How Does Google Handle Duplicate Content?
How does Google handle duplicate content and what negative effects can it have on rankings from an SEO perspective?
Gary Taylor, Stratford Upon Avon, UK

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34 thoughts on “How Does Google Handle Duplicate Content?”

  1. Duplicate content… And more often than not, STOLEN content, Google!
    My biggest problem with you is that you will index STOLEN content before genuine content. Google hand in hand with online thieves.

  2. What is perceived to be duplicate content, as you often have products which are different to each other by a variable amount, but from a selling point of view you wish to duplicate elements of the description across the range of products?

  3. You’re rocking that vicious gnauga shirt, +Matt Cutts.  Care to share your Kingdom of Loathing player name? I’m Mr. Skullhead.

  4. Nice info to know. People can get a bit too focused with what harm some duplicate content can have and if it has a negative effect on your site.

  5. I wonder how Google treats shopping sites and blogs posting the same product specification and technical information.

  6. So it would seem that this is really a relief for someone like me that speaks to tax issues that are covered by others.

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  8. I’m worried as I’m sending an article to another blog, but also want to ensure that my regular readers can view it on my blog.
    Should be fine, no?

  9. Hey Matt,
    What if I am selling the same content to multiple clients in different localities? The content would appear on different URLS owned by different businesses. Wourld my clients be penalized?

  10. Can anyone clarify what happens in the following situation.

    Let’s for arguments sake say I have a job board and I have a job advertised on there and another website aggregates that content – let’s say Now does Indeed get the credit for the original content or do I because clearly they’re the higher authority on Jobs in general but they do NOT own the original content that they scraped from my website.

    This has always plagued me – can anyone shed some light?

  11. Interesting… He mentions that this is a question they get a lot so it was worth answering, yet before that he says “ohh” as if he is it is the first time he read the question ha.

  12. Interesante que el 20 por cien de la mayoría de los sitios es contenido duplicado. La gente suele confundir contenido duplicado con contenido copiado de otra web y la diferencia es abismal.

  13. Does Google see two different language versions of the same page as duplicate?

  14. How can I make a website about for ex. quotes or song lyrics and have unique content? Should I write my philosophical opinions about the song lyrics in order just to create some unique content?

  15. for example all classified sites goes with CMS.  and visitor can put their adverts.  so visitor can put their advert on serveral classified sites same content.  their object is sell their property as soon as possible. in this case . lot of duplicates on several classified sites . any idea?

    #webdesign   #webdevelopment   #seotips   #kawdoco  

  16. When Google+ taking over youtube….users are allow to make multiple accounts…and they can rename it to anything they want….even the same names that already existed on youtube…for example, I was able to make another account named “Google Webmasters”….so anyone can impersonate someone else on youtube…and I bet it’s going to be the popular channels… are going to tackle that issue??

  17. Matt Cutts states that about 25-30% of content on the net is duplicate content. He goes on to say that duplicate content does happen and that not all duplicate content is spam. Google looks for duplicate content and then tries to group is together and treat it as one piece of content. So when Google comes across two identical pages Google may decide to show just one of the pages on search results. Not all duplicate content is spam – it just needs to be clustered appropriately. Duplicate content does happen. But if all you do is duplicate content and you are doing it in an abusive, deceptive, malicious or manipulative way than expect Google to take action and treat your content as spam.
    Matt suggests that it is important that you add value to your content.

  18. You dont handle it thats the problem.  Look how many people are uploading the exact same video with fake accounts.  Ruining Youtube

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  20. I have referral forms for each city in Canada. The forms are similar, but there is localized content. My users prefer to look up and use the form for their own town, makes them happier. So is this duplicate content? I feel it is necessary to keep my users coming back

  21. What would happen if I uploaded the same video every day? But changed a millisecond or added a frame each time so it wasn’t completely duplicated. Would that be allowed on YouTube? Just out of curiosity. 😛

  22. Hello Sir, I have a website on WordPress which is not a self hosted site. Does it make any difference on traffic or Google rankings to my website?

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