How To Master A Song – Presonus Studio One – Mastering Tutorial

How To Master A Song – Presonus Studio One – Mastering Tutorial
Thanks for taking the time to watch! In this video I show you how I go about mastering a song in Presonus Studio One Pro. Studio One has beautifully integrated mastering with the recording side of the DAW like no other and it works seamlessly. If you are considering a new DAW I would strongly urge you to at least check out what Studio One has to offer.

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”qdDfuckHdX4″ title=”How To Master A Song – Presonus Studio One – Mastering Tutorial” upload_time=”2013-07-16T10:32:50.000Z” description=”Thanks for taking the time to watch! In this video I show you how I go about mastering a song in Presonus Studio One Pro. Studio One has beautifully integrated” duration=”PT50M57S”]

38 thoughts on “How To Master A Song – Presonus Studio One – Mastering Tutorial”

  1. You do really repeat critical hints, tips, steps, and instructions but it
    works for me since english is not my mother tongue. Thank you so much!

  2. Great Video. I am new to this…I just installed the software and have been
    recording tracks with it. I do not have the “Add to Project” option under
    the Song tab…any thoughts?

  3. I’m having the problem where I get a small click in-between my files for a
    single track when I want to loop a section of a song. Do I just have to
    play that section over and over again or is there a way to get rid of the
    clicking noise in-between audio files? Thanks.

  4. I have a question… First off great videos they are awesome… Why did you
    put the limiter/compressor on the master rather than the insert on the
    track? What if you were doing an entire album, wouldn’t the
    limiter/compressor be applied to all the tracks? 

  5. Hi David, I want to sincerely thank you for making this video and sharing
    all of this knowledge with us. You are an excellent teacher and your pace
    is perfect (at least for me it was.)

    I’m gonna buy the Presonus Studio One Pro DAW based on what you have shared

    Thank you again and God Bless.

  6. I have a simple question. I bought studio one 2 artist, and i used it a
    little. Last time, I saw than my sound was not playing when i was trying to
    listen my sounds.There is not any sound on the software. I don’t know what
    happen! I need a quick answer because I have to to a song one one week!
    thanks a lot guys!

  7. Great instructional video, did you make one using Studio One Effects as
    well? Also what is the quality difference between the two. I am currently
    working with Artist One Pro and its effects only. B

  8. UAD users, just discovered as i was mastering a live set, that each track
    uses it’s own instance of each plugin. Easy to use up all your DSP and get
    the dreaded “some plugins have been disabled”. Workaround is master each
    song separately, save as wav or mp3, then pull them all into new project if
    you want to burn an audio or mp3 CD.

  9. Hey Great Video! Very helpful towards my mixing and mastering. Where can I
    buy this song? Is it on iTunes? Its a good song.

  10. Really digging your videos. I’m truly thankful to you for posting these.
    I’m sure they are going to help me a lot in my current project.

  11. i really like this video, I have presonus studio one producer 2.6, this
    video is very informative, Im working on this as coming from a hard fan of
    SONAR X3 producer ( Cakewalk) been working on DAW’s since the 1980’s , have
    you recorded & mix & mastered a song with using nothing but Presonus
    plugins and DAW only?? going to watch a few more of your videos before i
    ask a few questions, but this video is very indepth, THanx

  12. If while outputting my mix can I just lower the fader on my Main outs to
    achive more headroom. I figured since its digital, I could do that and not
    change the dynamics in my mix. Thanks

  13. This has been really useful thanks. I’m starting to use Studio a lot more
    than Logic lately. I just prefer using the mastering tools.

  14. Excellent video. Enjoyed the historical/background information about the
    Pultec Pro EQ and the Ambience Recovery plug-in designed with Bob Katz. I’m
    a newbie to Mastering and didn’t really know how to use the Project page.
    You explain things really well. Thank you for this video!

  15. This and your other videos are great information. May I ask what hardware
    platform you are using ? Do the UI plugins run on Windows or Mac? Thx

  16. how do you edit the vocals on some specific point….like I want to raise
    volume and add an effect only on the chorus

  17. Hey,,
    can you tell me an easy way to make all my guitar peaks even or consistent?
    i need all notes on my track to be more unified with volume. Do i have to
    do all the clips by hand or isn’t that what normalize is? I want to make
    all guitar notes or chords the same volume or at least close. I hope there
    is an easier way than going through every note lowering or raising to make

  18. Please help ! I have the prosonus 32 ai board an capture is that enough for
    me to master an start my own mixing service , people are telling me I need
    more, but with all the research I’ve done an what computers can do now I
    think I have enough also pc or mac

  19. So I did your steps to get a mastering track.. All I can hear is my
    drums… I don’t understand, none of the guitar or bass or vocals are
    showing up in the mastered track…any one help?

  20. Awesome mate I’ll check it out for sure this is my first week using studio
    one 3 and absolutely love it along with your great professional knowledge
    will help me along the way well done buddy :)

  21. No multi-band mastering compressor? Interesting…How do you feel about
    external analog compressors? Is your UAD series the DSP based software and
    which one did you go with?

  22. I imported a Dr Dre song and his RMS levels were -4 is that a good
    mastering level for Hip Hop?

  23. can someone summarize how to keep all your songs at around the same volume
    peaks and such i dont have 50 minutes to find that answer

  24. hey can someone please help me and explain to me the difference between a
    limiter an compressor and how to use them on a very basic level

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