Mix Beats In FL Studio 12

How To Mix Your Beats In FL Studio 12 | FLEEK

How To Mix Your Beats In FL Studio 12 | FLEEK
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31 thoughts on “How To Mix Your Beats In FL Studio 12 | FLEEK”

  1. I have a question you mixed the song after you like “finished it” so should
    i finish a song first too before mixing ? Reverb and stuff
    Really confused

  2. hey man about 30 minutes in did you mean like in any genre and any mix the
    drums are the main focus of rythymn?

  3. I always mix my music really quiet…head-space wise, I always thought it
    was just a weird way that I did things… but I found out that is how most
    professionals do it lol

  4. WOW I really like the way the little green lines show which mixer channel
    is sending to the next one… I really hate these older ones in FL studio
    lol they are easy enough but they are SOOOO easy to overlook if you clicked
    one by accident and you are having some crazy unwanted efx or something and
    you know the problem but you have to look around for a long time to find it

  5. “The snare is nice and smacky” lmao I that made me laugh Im gonna start
    saying that now.

  6. You’re the 1st. Person I’ve seen figure out FL studio completely. Should
    have a small school bro.?????

  7. The Pacific Northwest says hello and keep up the amazing work. Your YouTube
    teachings have soared my music to heights I never thought possible.

  8. You Smooth man but I’ve got to give it a little more time before I give you
    the Thumbs up just got to your drum mix

  9. Thanks for the tips Busy Works Beats but I have question.When I turned off
    the fruity limiter it got louder and I mixed all my sounds together as
    perfect as possible so now should I turn back on the fruity limiter?

  10. i mix my beats without external soundcards,and they sound weak,do you think
    it’s because i use internal one,is it obligatory to use external soundcards
    to get a clean mix?

  11. Question? If you mix like this in FL, is it necessary to have a separate
    mix in Logic or Pro tools when mixing the stems of a song? Including vocals

  12. H there i, I need some help on adding a specific vocal reverb effect that I
    heard on a solo vocal track..
    can you perhaps show me how to achieve that effect on FL Studio 12 ?
    I can send you a piece of that clip.

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