Mastering Cubase Lesson 1

Mastering Cubase Lesson 1
Mastering Cubase 7 is a 13 lesson tutorial series taught by In Your Ear’s star recording engineer Andrea Stefl. The course was written and produced by Carlos Chafin and Ms. Stefl which covers everything from launching the program to mastering the skills needed for this deep and incredible program. The package of 15 tutorial projects can be purchased, and downloaded from IYE’s online store. Exercises to reinforce recording, editing, tempo and pitch correction, MIDI, mixing techniques, and much more are included. Mastering Cubase 7 consists of over 3 hours of video instruction and up to 20+ hours of practice and implementation. This is a one of a kind course! It’s not just tutorial videos, but embedded lessons, so interaction with the program is encouraged. Welcome to the most comprehensive and friendly Cubase course available at any price!

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[ne_semantic_video video_id=”1ypWCYWeZmk” title=”Mastering Cubase Lesson 1″ upload_time=”2011-01-05T22:13:45.000Z” description=”Mastering Cubase 7 is a 13 lesson tutorial series taught by In Your Ear’s star recording engineer Andrea Stefl. The course was written and produced by Carlos” duration=”PT5M24S”]

23 thoughts on “Mastering Cubase Lesson 1”

  1. LOL I just started learning Cubase at school (we’re using version 6), and
    these videos will definitely help me out at least getting to know the
    program. And making me laugh a bit. “Alright. That’s it. I’m done with
    you.” HAHA. Love it.

  2. Ahh yuck, she uses a mac and loves the over priced, slow out dated hardware
    which helps with rendering and hoping all her plugins won’t be slow. But
    such cute bunny ears, lol. You’d be fun to work with I’d bet. Tweaking lots
    of knobs, turning volume up to max, dimming the lights.. .. got carried
    away. btw, the date of file creation doesn’t change the “modified” field
    when you copy, so that’s where the date is, but I kind of like the idea..

  3. the annoying thing about school is apple always jumps in to make deals with
    universities and high schools to make sure their product us used for music.
    That way, young, credulous, impressionable kids will be started correctly
    into the mold they had designed…

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  5. I dissapeared because I got bored of the monotonous melody… yawn. Could
    have made this song when I first started playing the keybaord at 14.

  6. Do yourself a favour and look at some different tutorials, this woman talks
    shit. The thing that pissed me off most was the thin about external hard
    drives. NEVER use an external while youre working on a project, as they are
    so temperamental and will eventually crash causing you to lose a lot of
    work… It has no logic behind it.

  7. WOW IT WORKS! I thought its just a spam,but it really works…man i will
    always love you for this. Million thanks for the free Cubase XD

  8. You’re very knowledgeable but you go way to fast. For instance, at the when
    I opened my Cubase 5, there is no dialog box. How do I open it? Okay, so I
    just skip it and go to the Project set up. Fine. Then we go to set it up to
    save.. it’s not there where is it? …. Oh… suddenly I’m on a safari
    hunting it down… Here it is in the drop down box labeled “File”… okay
    found that… then there’s talk about markers.. but I’m still back on the
    save… not really ready for step 2… 

  9. Incredible! Whenever you actually look through Beat Generals on youtube
    they’ve got fruityloops instruction showing you how you can make beats, mix
    beats, master beats, etc for somebody searching for a little bit more help
    and / or maybe attempting to try to improve.. 

  10. well, if you’re making straight electronic/synthesizer/soft synth music,
    there’s nothing you need an interface for. you only need one if you’re
    recording vocals or live instruments…

  11. She is a real pro, just check her other tutorials… I think i will buy the
    cubase 7 course from her..

  12. templates are a terrible idea, cookie cutting your track settings is wrong
    unless you’re making the same exact song every single time

  13. Thank You for your video tutorial..My name is Fabrice.I want to ask you if
    you may accept to work with me on my style that i created from Rwanda.

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