Mixing And Mastering Rap Vocals In Adobe Audition

Mixing And Mastering Rap Vocals In Adobe Audition
Tutorial on how to mix rap vocals in Adobe Audition CS5.5 and how to do some basic mastering on the song
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”5H3VBrL1EM0″ title=”Mixing And Mastering Rap Vocals In Adobe Audition” upload_time=”2011-07-23T21:18:58.000Z” description=”Tutorial on how to mix rap vocals in Adobe Audition CS5.5 and how to do some basic mastering on the song” duration=”PT5M42S”]

39 thoughts on “Mixing And Mastering Rap Vocals In Adobe Audition”

  1. how do i loop my hook without fuckin up the whole damn song & without
    making duplications & moving blocks @popgnner12

  2. I was just surprised that no one in the Youtube comments said anything
    about it. The Youtube comments are a cold, sarcastic, cruel place.

  3. man this ain’t fucking working for me man… like I do all the steps and
    all it makes it clear and all but what else it do.. is.. it take part of
    like some words I say.. it make silent.. Like when I say SOMETHING.. it
    comes out MTHING

  4. THAT cool ,this is the expression of the power of hip hop. The whith nu
    generation starting to understand that there parents were wrong about black
    poeple. So we have to stop doing stupid staff.

  5. mono is ideal. but stereo will be needed if your trying to do some thing
    special with the vocals

  6. So what? Niggas say “cracker”. Mexicans say nigga. Niggas say spic and get
    looked at funny .It’s just music.

  7. you never want to mix on the vocals, allways use the FX tab on the Multi
    task screen. 

  8. first of all this tutorial is poor mixing, second you wanna come up with
    steps that work for you not copying others engineering takes tons of years
    to perfect you wont get good in one tutorial. Try using eq compression
    dessers and reverb and come up with your own presets

  9. he dosent even know the difference between mixing and mastering. mixing is
    when your in your session mixing vocals mixing your instruments panning
    etc. Mastering (The most important part) is when you mixdown your session
    to a stereo track and add effects to the whole song too boost it
    dynamically and make it loud and beefy. just putting this out there for
    people who don’t know

  10. I cant find ” Ampluitude&compression->Normal­ize process->70%”. I Click on
    Amp. and Comp. and it doesnt show “Nowmalize Process”. Im using CS 6. Help?

  11. Dude… Sounds shitty as hell, no offense. Don’t use a video camera for
    tutorials. The sound quality is SHIT.

  12. Also, at first my verses were cutting in and out so I clicked on
    attack/release in rap presence under dynamics processing and lowered the
    input gain to -1.50 and that fixed my problem. Thank you again!

  13. Gonna try this shit looks more detailed than another mastering video I saw
    so should be better

  14. when you click amp and comp its already in the drop down window you don’t
    have to go in dynamic process 

  15. its great and all but when i do the dynamics, rap presence part and makes
    my vocals kinda like skip, fade in and out with certain words..

  16. when I do all this the sound quality sounds better but it makes my voals
    sound choppy, CAN ANYBODY HELP??

  17. Its not the same process for everyone…plus the more you add then the less
    of a natural sound you have…so i suggest everyone invest in a good mic
    and studio monitors…

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