Negative SEO

Negative SEO
Matt Cutts addresses questions about negative SEO.

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11 thoughts on “Negative SEO”

  1. I know it is an old video, but I did not know about the disavow link feature. Thanks Matt.

  2. Well, I’m finally dealing with some negative SEO. I’ve spent the past 5 months working full-time on my newest venture (and yes, I’m attracting traffic through other sources like Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, etc.) but recently have started getting bombarded with thousands of spammy links. Someone doesn’t like what I’m doing.

    So, what should I do now? I feel that ignoring the problem won’t make anything better, but Google’s solution is for me to sift through thousands of links everyday and disavow the spammy ones?


  3. What do I do if people are pointing 20k links to my site every year? No tool will even let me export that amount 🙁

  4. If Negative SEO doesn’t exist then how do people Negative SEO them selves?   They run automated tools to get automated links… and it screws up their own site.   So to do it to somebody else you simply change the keywords and URL and over optimize and link spam who ever you want.

    Negative SEO Exists. It’s real.

  5. “How about google devalues/ignores spammy links instead of penalizing for them? That’s what they used to do. There’s no way to assign a penalty for a spammy link and not open up a negative SEO window.”

    ^ My thoughts exactly. That definitely is the most efficient way to go. 

    I mean Matt Cutts acts as if there is no problem now that they have this “Disavow Links” tool, but Negative SEO is still a HUGE inconviennce. 

    Time monitor and disavow the links, downtime of the website after penalty (kissmetrics says it usually takes 2-4 weeks to Recover) 

  6. Thanks for giving NegAtive seo info because i learn something from you video, and i request for giving New info regarding to increase PR

  7. diawov links not a way to escape from the negative seo. There re zero day wordpress exploits and easy to inject compatitor links with a dirty keyword and Just some hours that your site complately banned from index. the only way is find all those links and send to disawov. How its possible to find it? webmaster tools ? yes but after some days or weeks. But attackers knows this and they changes URLs in periodic times that google cant catch it as a backlink. wait a minute ! than if no url indexed as a backlink but why google banned? couse attacker make his job so quickly He inject your link in 1300 different wordpress stuff domains and than ping google spider like a backlink ping and after that remove links and after sometimes again same steps.

  8. The game has changed with the links, but the negative SEO have already figured out Penguin 4 IMO

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