Pro Tools 12, 11, 10 & 9 & 8 Mastering Session (Detailed Setup)

Pro Tools 12, 11, 10 & 9 & 8 Mastering Session (Detailed Setup)
FREE DL Link to get this template–
This video covers how to set up a mastering session within Pro Tools 8, 9, 10,11, & 12 and how you get to this point from your mix session. Please see part 1 of this tutorial titled “Pro Tools 12,11,10, 9 & 8 mixing template and techniques” to understand how to properly master your pro tools sessions. email me at for the templates or simply click the FREE DL link above. enjoy!
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”JExvkL8iNU0″ title=”Pro Tools 12, 11, 10 & 9 & 8 Mastering Session (Detailed Setup)” upload_time=”2011-09-27T22:55:23.000Z” description=”FREE DL Link to get this template– This video covers how to set up a mastering session within Pro Tools 8, 9, 10,11, & 12 and how you get to this point from” duration=”PT8M49S”]

30 thoughts on “Pro Tools 12, 11, 10 & 9 & 8 Mastering Session (Detailed Setup)”

  1. Why are so many people requesting for him to send them the template? lol
    Spend 5 minutes and make the template yourself and then save it.

  2. if you want the template just copy his session and before you add your
    bounced audio go to File> Save as template.. done


  4. The whole purpose of the tutorial video is to show you how to make YOUR OWN
    template lol.

  5. While recording you really don’t want to use any plugins at all. You want
    the sound to be as dry and basic. That way you add your plug-ins you have a
    reference on what you have done to the track. As for the muddy vocals, that
    can be a bunch of different things. I have you tried adding EQ to the voice
    and removing some of the lower frequencies. Try using the API 560 EQ from
    waves. If you don’t have that try using the Channel Strip, Male Vocal
    settings are not too bad. 

  6. i achieve true mastering on my galaxy s4 bull the world is getting more
    digital than analog peace Y-_- 

  7. chances are its your mic, what are you using? check out some avatone
    microphones they are awesome, and not terribly expensive. i rarely have to
    do anything except light eqing to my vocals thanks to good mics

  8. I have such bad luck (still feeling my way through) Enhancing/Mastering in
    PT, especially when using PT plug-ins. Ozone 5 looks like it has so much
    more to get more professional results. Have you used it? I’d bet a quality
    Mastering studio spends well over $100K to set up a dedicated studio room!
    OUCH! Never mind the training and experience of the professional doing the
    job. Thanks!

  9. At 6:58 you said that I would probably never master a song with pro tools
    without taking it to an engineer. Have you tried the Slate Digital Virtual
    Buss Compressor? Do you think it could be used to master a song on pro
    tools properly?

  10. That’s not true because I went to my good friend self serve house that’s
    mixed and mastered Mariah Carey’s music out of the basement studio and they
    didn’t have all that equipment that they had in a M million-dollar
    studio… it all depends on your ear and how you here the music and how
    you here the frequencies thats in the music to get a good mix

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