Professional Mixing & Mastering Techniques

Professional Mixing & Mastering Techniques
Hey guys, just thought oI’d teach you guyys a little about mixing and mastering. Fill you in on what I’ve learned so far in school, pro pointers. Boosting your volumes then throwing a limiter on is not the proper way, or putting a soundgoodizer on your master track that’s very wrong. So for you people that are having troubles and for people that are giving false pointers. This is for you, enjoy.

These techniques apply to whatver program you are using.

[ne_semantic_video video_id=”1b7qcALBzAA” title=”Professional Mixing & Mastering Techniques” upload_time=”2011-11-07T04:55:26.000Z” description=”Hey guys, just thought oI’d teach you guyys a little about mixing and mastering. Fill you in on what I’ve learned so far in school, pro pointers. Boosting your” duration=”PT14M53S”]

27 thoughts on “Professional Mixing & Mastering Techniques”

  1. Oh, my God, your presentation moved SO slowly and is SO redundant and your
    voice is SOOO monotonous I couldn’t make it all the way through the video.

  2. 1. We come here to lean something, not to hear you ramble

    2. Get to the point

    3. Stay on topic.

  3. first remove that face book add bcoz of it …….what ur doing didnt
    appears properly

  4. As a mixing and mastering engineer, this sounds really crap, the mastering
    is off, it’s clipping and all that. It just sounds awful. Learn how to mix
    and master before you do a tutorial on it, because you will screw people
    over with this.

  5. This is a pretty good tutorial. Theres a lot to learn when it comes to
    mixing and mastering. The panning makes sense and keeping everything low
    before mastering. I like the musical chair analogy, i dig it.

  6. Are you trying to make everyone who watches this video sleep dude JESUS.
    Your voice man, your voice

  7. cant watch your video, your voice annoys the shit out of me. when your
    voiice starts getting all low raspy..gross, snort some fuckin cocaine

  8. Without looking at your channel, I really sincerely hope that this was your
    first and last tutorial. your mixing skills might be okay, but your
    tutorial skills are terrible. Please stop.

  9. Really great and informative for Starter even to Intermediate Producers. If
    you wanna make this a career you have to check into different techniques.
    Not step for step, but make them your own. There’s no such thing in a bad
    mix if your balance is decent. Panning like he said is very vital to mixing
    and it took me years until I gained the proper knowledge. Don’t want a
    centered track with so many sounds clashing like he said also. Like I said,
    this is a very great video pay attention from start to finish you’ll
    definitely learn something you didn’t before autoplay. Twitter & Instagram:

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