Recording Mixing And Mastering – Zoom HD8CD

Recording Mixing And Mastering – Zoom HD8CD
A simple recording – Mixing and Mastering
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”umpYV6Fq7qA” title=”Recording Mixing And Mastering – Zoom HD8CD” upload_time=”2010-02-27T00:57:41.000Z” description=”A simple recording – Mixing and Mastering” duration=”PT4M1S”]

11 thoughts on “Recording Mixing And Mastering – Zoom HD8CD”

  1. @willxxxlife You can get the Zoom or the monitors from a musical instrument
    store or on the internet from Samash, guitarcenter, Yahoo, Amazon etc. 

  2. @birdbath318 I am mainly a guitar player. I am not very much informed on
    beat machines. I use the prerecorded rhythms in the ZOOM recorder. I don’t
    want to mislead you by recommending something. 

  3. @kremco25 You can use a software such as Cubase to do this. If you have a
    Zoom HD8 / 16 or similar product , they all come with Cubase Lite which
    would be good enough for recording music for non professionals. 

  4. hello Please could you tell me how to get rid of count ins and any dead air
    at the end of my recordings. thankyou

  5. There is a way to delete it in ZOOM by pointing to the start count and end
    count of the song location but this is a little bit cumbersome. I do it by
    copying the final master to my computer and edit using the Windows wave
    editor. It is much easier and protects the original. I hope this helped.

  6. Longwood Gardens 2

    The above URL contains an example of a Beatles song ‘GIRL” Recorded using
    the Zoom HD/8. 

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