Will SEO Still Exist In Five Years?

Will SEO Still Exist In Five Years?
On February 26, 2009, Google software engineer Matt Cutts collected questions on Google Moderator and answered many of them on video.

Kevin from Marseille, France asked:

Will SEO still exist in 5 years?
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”NQArUFRb4Is” title=”Will SEO Still Exist In Five Years?” upload_time=”2009-03-09T05:37:11.000Z” description=”On February 26, 2009, Google software engineer Matt Cutts collected questions on Google Moderator and answered many of them on video. Kevin from Marseille,” duration=”PT1M56S”]

32 thoughts on “Will SEO Still Exist In Five Years?”

  1. @goata007 bro have you got this book if you got then told me kindly way how i can get this thanks

  2. @BeeRich33 That’s a highly unlikely scenario. There is such a huge pool of ever changing content on the internet that grows by the minute that there’s no way for all of it to at once find a point of perfect optimization.

  3. @BeeRich33 SERP1 is not the end-game; #1 slot on SERP1 is. Which is entirely possible for even a relatively competitive search term, but only with the proper SEO skills. To say that SEO is a waste of time is only so if you’re going about it all wrong (ie spinning your wheels, getting nowhere) or if you’re trying to rank for the wrong keyword terms (non-buying KWs). And what exactly do you mean by the statement, “you only need a small fraction of a search term to be optimized”?

  4. @niverjeff10 Don’t let keyword competition put you off SEO. One tip is to take one of those “good keywords” that have a lot of competition and look for long tail key-phrases that contain that keyword. Long tail phrases typically have much less competition and optimising for that phrase will also help optimise for the “good keywords” contained within it. But I agree that email marketing can be very effective for making money online.

  5. @goata007 I believe its called ‘Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide’ – search for it on Google 😉

  6. As long as it’s about managing a website’s content SEO is a good thing.
    But in reality SEO is dirty. Doing a great job managing my website through a clean, fair SEO won’t ever compete to other website owners that spend time and money to spam. Their websites will always get better results than mine… Better yet, their sites will get some results, mine not. As someone said in another GoogleWebmasterHelp video, great content + no traffic = dead website. Spammers always get the big traffic.

  7. @parfumeria33ro great content+no traffic=dead website? first off all you have to consider does your content match with the theme of your site? If you have a great content about ‘how to catch a big fish’ but you placed it on a site about ‘how to train your dog’, then Google will see your content and site as irrelevant. If you want to compete with the big dogs, you got to build your site first, make it big in its own world, build your brand, promote your brand. Thats how great SEOs do their job.

  8. @KoolitPnoi

    Whether it’s blogging, eCommerce (perfumes, clothing etc.), social networks etc. there are tens, hundreds of such websites in any country. Most do a similar great SEO, have good content matching the domain’s profile, but Google can’t display all first page. Not even 2nd, or 3rd.
    But I wasn’t talking about that.
    First page is for spammers. Those that pay for backlinks, or belong to big packs of websites managed by the same SEO company, or register on thousands of backlinks websites.

  9. If Google Search will still exist, then obviously ‘seo’ will aswell. Marketers will be competing for top ranking for their sites.

  10. how the fuck can we locate resources(more importantly accurate resources) based on the search…w/o SEO? any idiot, even novice web guys can answer that…

  11. AND SEO will always be around, forever, because there will always be a need for search engines to locate resources(websites,blogs,applications, etc)…stupidest question ever.

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  14. This question was made on 2009 which is four years ago (or so), it’s 2013 right now and if anything, SEO’s getting more well defined compared to how it was on its hay days!

  15. SEO continues to exist four years after this video was produced, and it is even more important now than it was at that time. There is every indication that SEO will continue to be a vital part of websites for sometime to come.

  16. The big picture question for Matt would be how would Google be like in the next 5 years? Where will their focus be in the next 5 years? and where do they intend to take search in next5 years? That will define how SEOs and online businesses align themselves.

  17. Yup, it’s definitely still here! SEO does exist after 5 years, and will continue to be here for another 5 years…

  18. Quiet Matt, SEO is “dead”, Google today is like an old school hard-cover encyclopedia, and you can bet it, people are happy for it being like that. I myself did whitehat SEO for the hell of 5 years since 2009 – 2010, back there in 2010 it was all about creating original, quality content and getting high pr backlinks, everything worked so cool, then an algorithm changed and we had to start over, when you were about to say “Finally I made it”, there came another Google Update. and on, and on, and onn…… Panda update, Penguin update, what’s next? Dolphin, Elephant, Dog, Whale, Parakeet update? I found it hard enough to rank when 2014 came, if it was hard after 2012, imagine in 2014. Learning new methods, reading articles, trying the “nice guy” method, waiting days, weeks and months for results, until the last update when Google opened it’s big mouth saying every single fucking site should use nofollow backlinks.

    It was enough of this tyranny, people just couldn’t take it anymore. We’re not in the 2005’s anymore, we’re in a new era where things works naturally, where business actually happens with satisfatory results from night to day, and not like about 6 to 10 months, as it is in SEO. Facebook is fucking Google from behind, like Germandy did to Brazil in the world cup, yet Matt still insists on talking about WHiTE HAT while there are many doing blackhat in a way it becomes white. My life was like a hell when I depended exclusively on Google’s traffic, in the end, me and many other web entrepreneurs realized why it was so hard to rank, so hard to get a decent traffic, it wasn’t because there were tons of millions of people using black, grey, green hat techniques, it was because Google wanted to indirectly force us to waste money on their “miraculous” Google Adwords program.

    The day I realized I could live without Google, my eyes bright, for me it was like “Finally I can treat my online business as if it was a physical store, I won’t depend on Google anymore, I’ll just leave Google act as a background service, and I was right. Social Media traffic, Social Presence, Social Proof, Email Marketing, even making Videos for Youtube, everything changed like magic, it seemed like finally the web was starting to work, to the hell with rankings, now we can do real business. I wouldn’t work like a zombie for getting organic traffic anymore, I worked on what really matters that is delivering quality stuff, then search engine traffic started coming after me like Women when they see a guy with high social status. It was incredible, interacting to leads directly by email, twitter, linkedin, facebook, instagram, seeing the real thing happening. People are smarter, and google search engine is worse than ever on bringing quality results, people are using social media now, last week Facebook just had a pitch on accesses that entered to history somehow, then why should I, my friends, my colleagues, my employees keep blind depending on Google? It’s better to trust what your facebook friend says about a restaurant he’s been at, than asking Google why that restaurant has an ad in the top of search results. Google has gone too far, it’s time to make things the natural way again, or die with your ego.

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