WordPress SEO: Search Engine Optimization Tutorial 2015

Wordpress SEO: Search Engine Optimization Tutorial 2015
Get tons of free website templates for SEO here: bit.ly/webblueprints. SEO on WordPress websites can be much easier if you know the basics of search engine optimization. WordPress Search engine optimization starts with an understanding how Google will rank. Content ranks because it meets certain guidelines and we’ll cover some of that in this video today.

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WordPress: SEO stands for search engine optimization and it is the process of optimizing or designing your website to be found on search engines like Google, Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube but there are others- like Ask, AOL, mywebsearch and others. These other sites don’t really matter bc Google/YouTube is 67.5% of all searches with Bing at 18.4 and Yahoo at 10.3%

People who do SEO are often called “SEO’s”

How search benefits your business: Google processes over 3.5 billion searches every day from ordinary people looking for answers to questions like “who shot Lincoln” to “where do I find a good website designer in San Diego.” Your job as a business owner is to optimize your web site so that when people ask questions relevant to your business you are sure to be found on the Search Engine Ranking Page or SERP.

SERPS are the results pages and if your website ranks on the SERPs then users can click on your web page, find your email, and description these pages can look different and show different results based on what search engine you are using and what you are searching for. So if you’re searching for a product, you may see a carousel with shopping results.

What is SEO? Check out these other pages:

Keywords: are the words, phrases, sentences, and other data that people actually type into the search engine query box. You can imagine that with billions of people using Google everyday that a ton of variety of keywords can be typed in for the same service.

For example- if someone is looking for someone to design their website, they might type in “website designers in San Diego” or “web design san diego” or “local web site designers” what Google tries to do is group these keywords into families and organize each family in order based on what group of words get the most searches. As an SEO, your job is to discover which keywords are best for your business and to use those words in your website.

Metadata are the words that are used “behind the scenes” on your web pages. Most commonly used are your meta

Traffic: traffic is the amount of people that come to your website. There are two kinds of traffic- qualified and unqualified. Qualified traffic are people who are legitimately looking for your services while unqualified traffic are marketers looking to sell you things and other people who clicked on your site by mistake.

Rank: Relevancy. Relevancy is about creating a mutually beneficial relationship between the words that a person is typing into google and the web page you are trying to rank on Google. Google assumes that the more relevant your web page is, the more people will click on it.

Your website has to be able to show Google it is relevant by using keywords on the page, in the image titles, and in the metadata.

How to measure SEO: where you rank on the search engines Google, Yahoo, Bing, YouTube. That’s the bottom line. SEO is not measured by how much traffic you are getting to your page or how many people actually buy or sign up for whatever it is you’re offering. Those things are super SUPER important YES- but not part of the realm of SEO. Those things are part of what’s called Search Engine Marketing which monitors your web page performance after it ranks on the search engine.


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  1. Despite the title being: WordPress SEO: Search Engine Optimization Tutorial 2015. WordPress was never mentioned and I know nothing more than before I watched it twice through.

  2. I’m an artist and I’m not really anything else but with a tremendous thanks to very helpful videos like this I’m learning to show and sell my art online! Next step, learn to make my own videos!

  3. Nice video. I typed in “search engine optimization what is” into the search. You were the 23rd video on the list. Very useful than everyone above you. Subscribed!

  4. Thankyou for explaining SEO in a simple way even a novice can understand, and interesting too. I typed in “How to optimise your website 2015” and you are 6th on the first page.

  5. i type what is seo, i found your video after 3 videos.

    anyway its a good presentation. very clear pronunciation and important to me. i am from Malaysia not very good in english

  6. I typed in SEO tutorial and yours came up 4th…but it was also the first one I watched. 🙂 We are a local business that is a couple years old and we had a mediocre website so now we’re building our own with WordPress and about ready for all the SEO stuff. Thanks for your videos!

  7. Great video thank you! Quick question. I work in marketing and sales for a well known large company. I am very new and just trying to learn. If you’re under an umbrella of a large company, but you have a specific URL to track sales to, is that URL able to be optimized?

  8. FOund you when I searched “SEO on wordpress for dummies” (it gave me-for dummies) Good job!

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