Robots.txt (Robots File) Explained – SEO Video Tutorial

Robots.txt (Robots File) Explained – SEO Video Tutorial
In this week’s web design video blog, Nick and I explain the purpose of a robots.txt file and also share the common Robot Exclusion Standards. Checkout the supporting code at
[ne_semantic_video video_id=”73RY142lb0E” title=”Robots.txt (Robots File) Explained – SEO Video Tutorial” upload_time=”2011-11-25T18:39:16.000Z” description=”In this week’s web design video blog, Nick and I explain the purpose of a robots.txt file and also share the common Robot Exclusion Standards. Checkout the” duration=”PT4M36S”]

24 thoughts on “Robots.txt (Robots File) Explained – SEO Video Tutorial”

  1. When i type this in my website
    User-agent *
    Disallow: /

    What does this mean… is this , no any google bot or search engine crawl my site… it is beneficial or not for my website.. we have another robots.txt file in my server which is
    User-agent *
    Allow: /

    How i can change this ….. Kindly tell me…

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  6. I need to know how to optimize my robots.txt file, to know the top unwanted robots, the specified site and domain requirements for the major search engine bots, how promote reviewing of your website from the bots(their cronjobs) I mean the use of the noarchive attribute so google bot must visit you always when showing info about your site, also for the newbies: don’t worry if robots.txt isn’t working well yet with the search engines the most bots need time to revisit your site (some of them 2 times a month) also robots.txt tends to save itself in the cache memory of some browsers don’t worry if you upload it to the FTP and it doesn’t change in the browser (google webmaster tools are good help)

  7. crawl postpone because robot.txt was inaccessible I an getting this message in my webmaster tool what step to be take to remove this warning ……………………

  8. my photos are being shown in google search and i really need them to get deleted.
    and i do not know how to do this robotic thing.
    please i need solution

  9. in google webmaster, robots.txt file was showing red(unreachable) i re-corrected somehow and today it is showing yellow? Tell me it is temporary problem or do i need to copy exact command which you told in this video? Please reply

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