Why Footer Optimization Is Important For SEO?

Footer Optimization for SEO

The Importance of Website Footer Optimization

Website footers have been a lifesaver for a long time. Serving the primary purpose of indicating the end of a web page, the footer of a website is more like a safety net that catches visitors before they hit the bottom of the page. The key purpose of a website footer is to help visitors with navigation options and additional information at the bottom of web pages.

The footer of a website typically comes with a copyright notice, sitemap, logo, and contact information, along with social media icons and footer links to privacy notices and email sign-up forms. The footer basically comes with all the necessary information that enhances the overall usability of a website. 

That being said, the website footer plays a key role in SEO. Often, it is an overlooked area on a website, but seo footer best practices can be very essential for the overall optimization of the website, SEO, and improved rankings and performance. 

Why Does Website Footer Optimization Matter? 

The footer is the place people head to when they are lost on a website or looking for something specific. With a well-optimized footer, it becomes easier for a person to navigate through the website. That gives us the first reason why footer optimization is important, and that is to ensure a seamless and convenient user experience. And when it comes to SEO, you do not just do it for the search engines, but you optimize your site for the users, the people who use the search engines. 

As reported by Smart Insights, by just redesigning the website footer, a luxury handbag site witnessed a rise in its overall sales conversion by over 27% and an improved revenue of almost 16%. That being said, website footers are important for SEO for two primary reasons. They are: 

Visibility: Footers help increases visibility. The section offers important information to the visitor not found on the site’s main menu.

Through a footer, you can promote your upcoming events, blogs, and social media accounts, as well as other useful resources on the footer. 

The footer can help improve the visitors’ experience and help increase regular visits. It was also noticed through research that the top of a website has an almost 20% lower view rate than the footer. This is because users start scrolling even before the site has loaded. 

Increased Conversions: Statistics show that businesses that optimized their footers appropriately with Footer SEO saw a 50% increase in conversions. The footer is the last thing the visitor sees on your website before leaving. So, it is an important section that can be used to offer visitors enough information or incentives to sign up or purchase a product. The footer can be the fine line that can lead to a sale or a bounce. 

SEO Footer Best Practices For Better Performance

High-quality external and internal links are important for a site’s SEO performance, and it also applies to the footer links SEO. Here’s what you must keep on your footer for the best results: 

  • Copyright 
  • Terms Of Use
  • Contact Us And Sign Up Form Link
  • Privacy Policy
  • Sitemap
  • Social Media Icons
  • Image Gallery
  • Awards and Certifications
  • Testimonials
  • Mission and Values
  • Latest blogs and articles
  • Call to Action

Final Words on Footer Optimization

The footer of a site also helps improve the SEO of a site through redirection, making it more mobile-friendly, and with more SEO links in the footer, it becomes more relevant for Google and its users. Make sure you pay attention to the footer SEO of your website if you want to fetch better results for your SEO efforts on the site.



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